Amber Marchese Regrets Having Husband Jim Marchese Filming On Real Housewives of New Jersey

 amber and jim marchese

Amber and Jim Marchese are getting their first taste of reality TV this season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  It’s safe to say that things have not been going as they initially envisioned and now Amber has regrets over having her husband join her on camera. 

In an interview with All About the Real Housewives, Amber reflects on her first season of RHONJ, the status of Jim’s friendship with Bobby and so much more! 

When asked if being on the show was everything she expected, Amber shares “No.  I knew there was drama, I just didn’t think it was..I don’t know.  I thought it would be all fun and games I was going to come into the show, I was going on with my girlfriends, and I really felt we would have a blast!  Here we had this opportunity to be on TV, show our families off, and show the world how much fun we could have and it didn’t end up like that at all!  People can be very manipulative, very cruel.  I just feel like the show has the ability to catch the beauty in people and the downright ugly.” 

Amber says the friendship between Jim and Bobby was completely ruined by what happened this season.  And she explains that she was responsible for dragging Jim on the show.  “Jim will never speak to Bobby again.  We saw a side of Bobby that we don’t ever want to be faced with again.  There has been complete disloyalty and distrust and he really screwed us.  You have to understand, Jim didn’t even want to be a part of the show. I dragged him into this and he did something for me.  And actually he did that scene for Bobby, so he [Bobby] could have more airtime. That scene was only supposed to be about Jim and the kids.   Bobby then took what he said – which wasn’t even all that bad – he didn’t say mean things, he wasn’t cruel.  He never met the Joe’s at all.  So for Bobby to take the words Jim said and tell Rino and he tells the guys and Bobby just stands there, it’s just not right. “

On why Jim would join the show knowing that he’d most likely have to interact with her co-stars and their hubbies, “This was my dream, you know to be on TV and this is what I get.  I feel bad because Jim is getting hurt for something I pushed and I wanted.  He’s trying to make me happy and this is what happened.  He lost his best friend and now his name is getting dragged through the mud.  I owe him a lot of sex! (laughs)” 

Does Jim feel any negative feelings about her friendship with Teresa? “Not at all!  He never had anything bad to say about Joe Giudice or Teresa, he thinks that they are good people! I mean it’s tough to watch now because Joe was talking trash behind his back without even knowing Jim, but at the end of the day he thinks they are very kind and he knows the kind of relationship I have with Teresa and he supports it.  You have to understand he made a professional judgement call. He just thought it was not in their best interest nor his best interest to be in a social setting with alcohol and drinks,  he didn’t want to put anyone in that position and that is his decision! Everyone should just respect it.” 

On her regrets:  “I don’t regret anything.  I just wish I would have told Jim definitely not to be anywhere near any of the filming.  I think if anything I should have listened to Jim and respected the fact that he didn’t want to film and not push that.  I really regret that.  I regret bringing Jim onto this show on any level.  I can handle it!  I don’t like how vicious it is.  People are vicious. It’s hard for me to wrap my arms around that.” 

For the full interview, you can read it on AATRH, it’s an interesting read!  She discusses her friendship with Melissa Gorga and more!


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