In this week’s new episode of Don’t Be Tardy, the Biermanns are hitting the white sandy beaches of Destin as they finally have a clear sunny day (Day 4) while on Spring Break.

They’re certainly enjoying the fun in the sand as Kim Zolciak notes their home afforded them a private beach. Hmmm…I can see people, lots and lots of people directly next to them and more homes and hotels where it looks like public access to “their” beach (Am I missing something?).  Brielle wants to go for a joy ride on the jet ski and Kim says “No” because she doesn’t want to worry about anything happening to Brielle. There still is a bit of tension lurking between Kim and Kroy Biermann from their argument last night about how in-tune Kim is to Brielle’s teenage growing pains (drinking, drugs, etc.) Kim and Kroy are taking the twins for a stroll on the beach to smooth things over and remind each other how much they love each other and how crazy raising 5 more kids will be (ya think??!!!).


Later that night, they head over to the boardwalk (aka “the Redneck Riveria”) and watch Sweetie tumble around in a giant bubble and everyone sing Tardy for the Party in a bobble head video.  I am reminiscing about my family vacations to Wisconsin Dells in the early 90’s as I watch this reel (water parks, fudge, duck boat rides and all).  They’re not in Bali, they’re not in Ibiza or Dubai – they’re in Destin dammit and this makes the Midwestern girl in me very happy right now.

Brielle then drops the bomb at dinner that night for everyone to savor the flavor here at AJ’s Oyster Bar because she’ll be in Cancun (downing tequila shooters in denim underwear) for next year’s senior spring break.  Kim’s trying to be a more relaxed parent and slowly give more freedom to Brielle – but dang, y’all this parenting thing is tough!!


The following day, they are blissfully enjoying another day at the beach when lo and behold Kroy whips out his newly purchased $3K Swarovski Lens Binoculars.  It could not have been more ironic for Kim to call out Kroy for purchasing some ridiculously overpriced accessory made out of Swarovskis. Um, does Kim remember her TWO overly-bedazzled wedding dresses, countless pairs of heels, purses, bracelets, halter tops, the list goes on and on and on? Looking at the binoculars perched up on the tripod in the sand, hell, I bet the military used those in the Vietnam war.  $3K is a steal in my book!


Kroy spots paparazzi like 200 yards away and the gang marches over to put a stop to it.  Kroy points to the sign indicating private beach (oh, I guess they do have a private beach) and tells them to scram.  They reluctantly gather their stuff and leave and man, does Kroy get more loveable each episode!  Kim doesn’t necessarily mind the photos but a few things pissed her off: 1) She would like to at least split the proceeds 2) She wasn’t sucking in when they were snapping away 3)She didn’t get a chance to fix her wig or refresh her make-up.  You gotta hand it to her for being Kim.  Classic!

Kim and Kroy hit up the local fondue joint for their first night out alone this year (don’t know if I really believe that) while Brielle is throwing a simple little gathering of friends on the beach with 6, maybe 8 people tops! I swear! No, this turns into 80 dudes and Brielle.  Meanwhile, Sweetie is texting Kim the play-by-play of what’s going down and that’s it!  Put your fondue forks down Kroy, we’re outta here!  Sweetie walks outside and down to the beach where the now ginormous frat party is taking place and adoringly interrupts to make sure they know who’s boss.  This whole scene is an ode to teenage years.  It feels like yesterday when I would have friends over in my basement in high school and hide beer bottles under the bathroom sink when my mom would check on us.  

In an unexpected plot twist, Brielle tells everyone to beat it up the beach to another party because she is going inside and calling it a night.  I could not be more proud of Brielle. When Kroy and Kim get home she explains why everyone left.  It’s because they were drunk and not the type of group she wanted to hang out with.  Maybe I have been wrong about her – maybe her brattiness just extends to not helping out at home, clothes and cars and $hit.  My bad, Brielle – kudos to you!  I have no clue where she gets the knowledge to have a decent head on her shoulders – I can’t bring myself to credit Kim yet, so Kroy (again, of course) gets my vote (I still love you Kim!).  

This episode was a new flavor of Biermann and it caught me off guard.  Dare I say, there were normal.

It appears that the antics will be back next week as Brielle wants to try-out for cheerleading and by the looks of the tumbling sneak peak, this will be great.  Stay tuned!


Recap Author: Bonnie K.

Photo Credit: Bravo TV