amber and nicole brawl on rhonj

The Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie Nicole Napolitano is doing something very rare in this reality franchise: admitting fault and taking responsibility for her actions!  Nicole took to her blog this week to express her regrets over pulling Amber Marchese’s hair and getting physical at the first responders party. 

The fiery twin shared her remorse over what happened.  “One important thing I want to make clear, VERY CLEAR, is that I do not condone violence. I regret that the whole physical altercation ever took place. It was truly unfortunate and undignified. I have never been in that position before and hope to God I never will be again.” 

That said, Nicole confesses that she will defend her reputation to the end!  “However, I will never back down to ANYONE who attempts to ruin my reputation! So actually the loss of a few hair extensions was not much compared to the defamation of my character. To me, verbal abuse can be just as harmful as physical abuse, and that is exactly what took place.”  Well, according to Amber those weren’t just extensions that Nicole yanked…

Nicole continues, “I truly wish things could have been different, but unfortunately they weren’t. I would have preferred to have a civil conversation as opposed to the embarrassing debacle that took place in my boyfriend’s home. I’m not happy at all that my children and parents had to watch this episode, which of course affected my mother’s stomach condition!”  She’s hoping for a change in the mood of the show coming up, “Let’s look forward to more fun and less stupidity in the upcoming episodes.” 

We won’t hold our breath!   



Photo Credit: Bravo TV