Amber Marchese Blames Melissa Gorga, Nicole Napolitano, And Teresa Aprea For Real Housewives Of New Jersey Drama

RHONJ Amber Marchese

Real Housewives of New Jersey newbie Amber Marchese is fired up – an extremely angry Amber had a lot to say about Melissa Gorga, Teresa Aprea, and Nicole Napolitano after this week’s dramatic hair pulling episode.

Amber revealed that she felt betrayed by Melissa and the twins, Teresa and Nicole, who she referred to as “little evil minions” and “dumb and dumber.”

“I know this blog definitely has a lot of anger, and that’s because I have a lot of anger when thinking of this episode,” acknowledged Amber. “I drank plenty of Patron and had a lot of my friends around to get through it.”


First, Amber felt the need to “clarify” her “grapevine” talk with Melissa.

“Melissa asked me about the reasons for Nicole’s divorce. I have never had a discussion with Nicole about those reasons, I only told Melissa what was I told,” explained Amber. “A close member of the family shared the story about Nicole and how her affair hurt them, and I had no reason to doubt the veracity of the statement. However, I was still very evasive when telling Melissa. I clearly stated that ‘I heard it through the grapevine.’ At this point, I NEVER accused Nicole of being a home wrecker, because I never heard Nicole’s side of it. Last I checked that damn grapevine is not gospel, Nicole could have easily dispelled talks of this rumor. Sadly, we all now know that Nicole took the route of behaving like a barbarian instead.”

Next, Amber called out Melissa‘s “bullsh-t” and declared “game on!”

Melissa’s betrayal is so hard to stomach because she had a chance to be there for me now. We both decided that we were going to start anew on our relationship,” said Amber. “Melissa’s contention that I put her in a bad spot… honestly, Melissa, I am calling your bullsh– out! There was no good in that. You never said to me that you thought it was not right that I said that. If your conscience was bothering you so much, you could have come to me and we could have approached Nicole to give her the opportunity to confront who was actually saying this about her. Instead, you just took an opportunity to twist my words and stick it to me.”

Amber added, “Melissa knew how mad her little minions were at me, so much that they ran off in clothes they just tried on and came to my home. In fact, she had an entire week to give me the heads up. Tsk, tsk, Melissa. Well, Melissa, I am quick study to your games of manipulation. Game on, girl. Sad since we could have had one another’s back. We have a lot in common and share the same family values. Your loss.”

Then, Amber talked about how Nicole and Teresa “ambushed” her at Bobby Ciasulli‘s first responders party.

“Before I go into the ambush, I just want to point out how unbelievably stupid the twins, AKA the evil minions, looked coming to my home and confronting me! That’s my home, my personal space. I should have put them in time out for that stunt. And the fact that they had second thoughts because of the kids is even more hysterical. I mean, come on! Where did they think my kids would be? I don’t send them to the bars drinking on a school night,” snarked Amber. “They look like complete jackasses.”

About the party, Amber said, “So let’s cut this down to size, the twins thought it was better to ambush me at a party in front of people instead of calling me to sit down with me prior to ask me what I heard. They let it fester for a week and thought confronting me at a party was the way go. Ugh… I just can’t stand the stupidity! Nicole claims we were such close friends, yet this is how she handles it. Honestly, it’s like watching Dumb and Dumber. Furthermore, I calmly asked twice what the deal was and neither one of them could articulate an answer, they instead just kept on barking like little Chihuahuas. I had absolutely no clue what the deal was. Even Melissa was asking them why they were taking it to such negative place right off the bat, in addition to saying that I was calling her a ho!”

“The little evil minions thought they were going to bully me in front of everyone,” added Amber. “Well, I will not be bullied, I will always stand my ground, and as Jack says: ‘You f—ed with wrong Marine!’ They escalated the situation and I defended myself. But violence is not the answer, EVER. Nicole may have been upset, but she could have handled that with dignity and class. I will remind everyone that she’s over 45 years old and a mother! Simple math – that is less than only 5 years from 50! She should know better and be a better example to her children.”

Last, Amber felt the need to remind us that she had The Cancer.

“I hope you all heard Bobby say, ‘We have been gone for ten seconds, this happened already?’ Bobby knew it was a set up for both me and my husband, and his pretending that he wanted to stay out of it is bullsh-t. He set us up so he could be a big shot in front of his new friends,” accused Amber. “As for my husband’s reaction, he broke up a fight, watched his wife get her REAL HAIR pulled out. Hair that she has been growing since she was bald from chemo!”


Photo Credit: Bravo