Melissa Gorga On Stirring The Gossip Pot With The Twins

melissa gorga yellow dress real housewives of new jersey

Melissa Gorga is no stranger to being in the middle of some drama. Since joining the Real Housewives of New Jersey, the On Display singer has been constantly locking horns with her sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice. But since their feud has been placed on hold, so Teresa and her husband can attend to their legal issues, Melissa has found another way to keep things interesting.

On last night’s episode, we saw Melissa stir the pot by telling the twins — Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitan0 — that Amber Marchese had been spreading rumors behind their backs. So how does Melissa justify her behavior?


Well, actually she really presents her case for gossiping quite well. “I also wanted Nicole to be able to say whether or not Amber’s rumor was true in front of everyone. I really like the twins and think they are good people. It just didn’t feel right to have it out there and have people gossip about it.”

“And yes, Amber is my friend, so if she had truly said it to me in confidence, I wouldn’t have stressed so much about wanting Nicole to be able to defend herself. I would have listened to Amber’s gossip and just not spread it around. Obviously she wanted all of us (and all of you) to know, so there is a big difference. With that said, Amber wanted to play with the “big girls” and knew exactly what she was getting herself into. I have no doubt that she is also ready to come back and defend herself.”

I mean honestly, could any of the Housewives franchises survive without gossip? But even, I was shocked the way Amber brought up the rumors about Nicole “breaking up a family.” She seems to want to create drama for her storyline. She used a trigger word for Melissa — “home wrecker” — and then just starting spewing gossip about someone she had just introduced to Melissa as a good friend. And Melissa picked up on it as well.

“After Amber introduced me to her good friends, the twins, and then immediately seemed to have a lot of negative things to say about them, I started to realize that maybe Amber has changed.” Way to go Melissa! You are getting better at sniffing out people whose intentions may not be pure. 

And from what I have seen of Amber and her husband so far this season, their intentions are to gain fame and attention and are willing to step on whoever may get in their way in order to do it. I mean could she bring up the fact that she had cancer anymore? I feel sorry for her and what she went through, but she brings it up at least two times an episode. We get it!

On a much lighter note, Melissa also wants to explain her husband, Joe Gorga’s, latest business venture. “It’s actually not a sanitation or garbage business. It’s a technology company that uses advanced plasma technology to convert waste into energy. The truck you saw is just a small part of the overall business. It transports various materials such as sensitive government documents and medical waste to our plasma facilities where they convert waste into energy.”

Sounds complicated. But good for them for going green!

Stay tuned for the drama to unfold on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Next week it looks like a fight breaks out and in true Housewives fashion, they go at it while in costume!


[Photo by: Alex Martinez/Bravo]