Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Ain’t Nuthin’ But A “The” Thang

lhh atl snoop dogg

If I were a method blogger, I’d have been smokin’ indo and sippin’ on gin and juice to prepare for this recap. Sadly, I have to settle for a glass of Three Buck Chuck, and the only thing smoking is leftover casserole that I burned for dinner. #Snoopfail

Last night’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta begins with Mimi Faust confronting Nikko about an article on Media Take Out that claims he’s married. She knows it can’t be true (it is, after all, Media Take Out), but she wants to be sure. Nikko doesn’t miss a beat when telling her that his marriage was a secret he planned to take to his grave. Um, what? He just wants to be honest. Mimi is too exhausted to cuss him every which way to Sunday. Nikko admits that he never planned to tell her, but he blames her for never asking him outright if he had a wife. Yeah, that’s totally Mimi’s oversight. As she storms out, he asks her to dinner. The man has some balllzzz. 

Stevie J., Kirk Frost, and Tony are helping Benzino celebrate his last few moments as a single man. Going against the norm, the gentlemen decide to hit up a strip club for his bachelor party. As pole dancers make-out in Zino’s face for his amusement, he explains that he doesn’t need a pre-nup because he and The-The (I HATE that nickname) will be together forever. Benzino then announces that Stevie will be his best man. The following day, a very hungover Stevie is being yelled into consciousness by the Puerto Rican alarm clock. Joseline Hernandez can’t imagine why her husband would want to be in a wedding where he’s smashed the bride. When he tells her that he is heading to L.A. to record with Snoop Dogg, Joseline smells trouble. 


After enough squawking, Joseline has scored in invite to Los Angeles to meet D-O-Double-G, and I am so jealous. So, so jealous. Here’s a little joke for you…why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella? I’ll sneak in the punchline later…Snoop is interviewing Stevie for his podcast, and Joseline feels like she’s in the presence of greatness. After all, according to the Puerto Rican princess, he’s been in this business for over forty years. I want to make fun of that statement, but then I think of my age, remember my first Snoop cassette with its parental advisory, and realize she’s probably right. In Atlanta, Benzino is complaining to Althea about Joseline’s issues with Stevie being his best man. He believes that Joseline is jealous of The-The because Althea is all the things that Joseline is not. Althea reveals that Joseline has be “cyber-bullying” her on Instagram. Deb needs to have a chat with her about the definition of cyber-bullying. 

Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka Flame have dropped off her daughter with her dad for the summer, and both are sad that she won’t be around for a few months. Tammy thinks that it is a good time to give daughter Charlie a playmate. She enlists Waka to come with her to the fertility clinic to check on whether his fish can swim. Across town, Kalenna and Rasheeda join Karlie Redd in the studio. Karlie admits that she bought a single that Joc recorded for her, and now she’s taken him off the song entirely and replaced him with another musician. Rasheeda wonders if it was a business tactic or an emotional decision. Kalenna warns her that people in this business always watch how others work and treat their peers. She is worried that Karlie’s rash decision could come back and bite Karlie in the arse.

After the news of Nikko’s wife has become public, Mimi takes Ariane and Erica Dixon to lunch to beat them to the “I-told-you-so’s.” She feels foolish and betrayed, and Erica and Ariane make her revisit the possibility that he leaked their sex tape. Mimi finally admits that after penning the deal with Vivid, the couple went back into the studio to film extra footage. Both of her friends believe that Nikko has been playing her all along, but Mimi is still as defensive as ever about her decision to make the video public. She storms out as Ariane and Erica sigh in defeat. 

At the fertility clinic, Tammy and Deb are meeting with this doctor. All things are good to go with Tammy, but the doctor would like to check on Waka’s business. He hints that alcohol and–cough, cough–drugs can cause some issues with sperm count. Tammy shares that Waka was shot a few years ago and was paralyzed for a while and on several different medications. I don’t think those are the “meds” the doctor was talking about…

Snoop is back for another scene, and he’s offering to lay down some tracks with Stevie for his new album. Stevie takes the opportunity to hit up Dogg for some advice. He’s been tight-lipped about his fling with The-The, but he he lays it all out on the table for Snoop. He smashed his best friend’s lady. Snoop suggests that Stevie clear the air before he stands next to his biffle on their wedding day. Snoop further recommends that Stevie tell Joseline when there are witnesses present. It will make her less likely to kill him. #lifelessons

To rub salt in the wound, Karlie has invited Joc to come to the video shoot of his recently hijacked single. He remains calm when he asks her if this is the best business move considering that he got her the song, introduced her to producers, etc. He walks off, and she is clearly upset that he didn’t take her bait. She’s livid that he’s not giving her the reaction for which she’d hoped. He keeps repeating “God bless you” as she yells at him. Joc keeps it together before driving away. It’s pretty awesome.

To get to the bottom of Nikko’s marriage, Mimi meets with his former roommate who is no longer a Nikko fan or friend. When Mimi asks about Nikko’s wife, the roommate says that Nikko and his wife have a very deep connection and are business partners. Nikko has looked at Mimi as an opportunity since day one. Mimi wonders why his wife isn’t upset about the sex tape, and the roommate confirms that the leaked video was no accident. He even warns Mimi that Nikko may have footage that she doesn’t know about floating around. 

Stevie decides to take Snoop’s advice and tell Joseline about his night with The-The. However, she’s finally letting him back into the kitty, so his dry spell is coming to an end. Maybe Stevie will break the news tomorrow. He’ll just chilllll, till the next episode (sorry, I couldn’t resist…it was the perfect fit!). Fo drizzle!  😉 


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