Is Abby Lee Miller Faking Competitions On Dance Moms? Plus, Christi Lukasiak Speaks Out!

Christi Lukasiak and kelly hyland dance moms

Things are getting crazier and crazier on Dance Moms, but the craziest yet may just be that Abby Lee Miller and Co. are possibly staging fake dance competitions for the show! 

We’ve heard reports for years, that after the first season, the ALDC attended rigged competitions or ‘invitationals’ which many dance companies sign up for simply to showcase their talents on a hit TV show. Of course the qualification being that ALDC gets a lot of the limelight – and usually the big wins! That likely had a lot to do with legality of filming minors in a public space.

But last night’s episode featured really obvious displays of fakery. For instance, we noticed the audience – usually packed with dance families and contestants – was all but empty! Only the first couple of rows had people sitting in them. 


And the stage featured an extremely slim number of contestants, as well. Usually we see clips from other performers or as the girls are waiting backstage to perform a ton of background footage of other dancers, teachers, parents, etc, filtering in and out. Last night’s show featured none of that.

Even more telling was the awards stage. As a reader and viewer pointed out to us, “there were like 10 other girls on stage and the camera stayed focused on the [ALDC] girls! The camera would cut any time another ‘team’ won as to avoid showing the fake awards! Some of the girls on the team that came in second were wearing jeans!” 

Our recapper (and bona fide Dance Mom‘s expert) Lauren definitely noticed the lack of dancers from other studios, as well as the very, very small audience attendance.

Hmmm… this all looks fishy. Why would Lifetime be creating fake competitions for the shows? If you have any input, chime in – we’re dying to know more about the dance world and if you have any experience directly with ALDC

Another person who found last night’s episode extremely suspicious was Chloe’s mom Christi Lukasiak. After facing a ton of heat and backlash for allegedly insulting Maddie’s appearance on Ellen and her performance in the Sia video (even stating that all the girls were offered the opportunity, but Abby only gave Maddie the chance), Christi is defending herself.

Usually I cry foul when stars blame editing for making them look bad, but let’s be frank, Christi usually has NO problem looking bad and this show clearly has an agenda to promote all the greatness that is Maddie and MacKenzie at the expense of the other girls – most prominently Chloe. And even the audience is wise to how obvious and unwarranted it is. 

“FYI: in tonight’s episode, Chloe didn’t get to dance until 3pm BECAUSE SHE WAS IN SCHOOL. #straightastudent,” Christi said. After getting fired up on twitter, Christi revealed that the audience and viewers clearly has no idea how manipulated the show is! “Not playing the victim, telling the truth. About 1% of it. Wait until I tell the other 99%, then judge me all you want,” Christi tweeted


Kelly Hyland quit the show last year after Abby’s obvious favoritism negatively affected her girls leading to a physical altercation, but Christi has is under contract (for six years!) and afraid to leave for fear of lawsuit. Instead she and Chloe refrain from participating in ALDC functions (including meet n greets) outside of taping for the show – something Abby is fine with as she revealed in a secret interview that she had fired Christi and Chloe from the studio before Lifetime brought them back!  

Kelly, who still has an on-going lawsuit against Abby, corroborated Christi’s comments about the inner-workings of the show and spilling secrets! Kelly accused the producers and Abby of child abuse and spilled secrets about the show – she was issued a gag order and banned from tweeting about it.


Finally Melissa chimed in to tell viewers that Christi was definitely not referring to Maddie’s Sia video when she made the comments. In fact, it was over a charity video the entire team was asked to participate in that Abby only had Maddie do. “I don’t know why there has been so much negativity. @dancemomchristi has been very happy for and supportive of @maddieziegler!,” Melissa stated. 

All very interesting… 

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