Courtney Stodden’s Momager Opens Up About Reconciliation With Doug Hutchison

 Courtney Stodden, Doug Hutchison Spotted at Chateau Marmont

Courtney Stodden recently announced her reconciliation with estranged husband Doug Hutchison and their plans to renew their vows to seal the deal. But what does her mother, Krista Keller,  have to say about the Couples Therapy graduates’ latest plans?

After all, this is the woman who signed documents allowing her 16-year-old daughter to marry a 51-year-old man. So it may have been a relief when, after appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, Courtney legally separated from Doug, claiming she wanted more independence.


Whether she really likes her daughter’s man or the paydays were drying up as individuals, I don’t know. Either way, Krista seems happy that her daughter is back with a man more than double her age.

“It was probably hard for Doug at times, [Courtney] still working with him, knowing that she’s dating other people and that type of thing,” Krista admitted to Us Weekly. “And just recently they just both really realized that they want each other, they want to be together.”

Side note — she calls appearing on Couples Therapy “work”. I thought it was supposed to be real?? Carry on….

“She kind of was exploring being 19 and being alone and exploring the life of a 19 year old,” Keller revealed. “It was a legal separation, and she started dating and started going out with different guys, and then she had someone to compare Doug to. She really realized that she has a really great husband …her first choice was her choice!”

The announcement comes on the heels of a Couples Therapy reunion taping, so maybe I should just put my negative Nancy feelings aside and be happy that there may be proof that the VH1 reality show actually works for couples. I thought couples just checked in to air some dirty laundry and get a paycheck.

Regardless, these two are back together and back to making headlines, so I am sure they are all happy with the outcome. The couples are planning on renewing their vows by the end of the year.


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