Vicki Gunvalson Is Tired Of Tamra Barney Stirring Up Trouble; Says It Was Time She Got Called Out!

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Oh it makes me sad – but it looks like another end to an infamous reality TV friendship! After a season full of Tamra Barney‘s crazy ish-stirring antics, even long-time bestie Vicki Gunvalson is tired of the nonsense.

Vicki was visibly shocked after her Real Housewives Of Orange County co-stars apprised her of Tamra’s backstabbing behavior while in Bali. Tamra faced a trial by fire in which she fled the scene, claiming she feared saying something she’d regret. While Vicki had nothing to say at the time, she has plenty to say about Tamra now – and she’s officially over the drama! 

Tamra saying that I wanted to her to ‘go down’ isn’t the truth,” Vicki says. “I cherish my girlfriends and their trust, and there is NO way I ever had any desire to see her ‘go down’ or be hurt this year.”

“I’m tired of her causing problems and never being called out on it because of people fearing her backlash,” Vicki admits. “Every season and every year, she has gone after someone. I don’t know if that’s for the show or if it’s really how she is.”


Vicki continues, “What I do know is that Tamra is known to stir trouble with someone every year — and I for one am tired of it. I really didn’t have much compassion for her after hearing what she had been saying about everyone.”

“Bottom line is the hurting one another and talking behind everyone’s back has to stop,” Vicki insists. “I’m over it, and it’s hurtful. I have come to be very good friends with Shannon and she’s a great wife, friend, and mother. I was proud of Lizzie to stand up for herself to Tamra and have really come to like her as well.” 

“I hate conflict and looking back I don’t know if I handled it correctly with Tamra,” Vicki admits. “Hindsight, maybe I should have gone to the restroom to discuss with her privately about what the other ladies had told me about her. I was so hurt and so upset that I really wasn’t interested in hearing her side of the story.  I mean. . .Why would they lie to me about it?” Good question – why would everyone lie to Vicki about Tamra. And the bigger question is: Were they? 

Vicki wonders how things went so wrong with Tamra, but frankly she’s not surprised to learn of Tamra’s betrayal. “When we left for Bali, we were on really good terms, and, although I didn’t really trust her with personal information on my relationship, I didn’t have any issues and had hoped she supported my decisions as I did hers.”

“In fact, she would tell me ‘let’s us four get together for dinner’ or ‘plan a trip together’ or ‘go to church together,’ (CHURCH?!? BWHAHAHAHAHAHA) and on and on,” Vicki recalls. “She told me she was happy that Brooks and I were able to resolve our conflict and that she was happy for me. So you can see how I could get upset hearing what I did.”

However, Vicki does praise Heather Dubrow for being a good friend to both Tamra and Vicki. “Heather was in a tough spot that evening and I am proud of how she handled herself as well. I think Heather has gotten some unnecessary ‘heat’ this year — and I for one am sorry for being any part of any hurt I caused to her.”

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