On this week’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy, we open to nanny Lana prancing around the house listening to motivational recordings about how to love yourself.  Once she steps into the kitchen (aka the lion’s den), where the Biermanns are enjoying lunch, she is inundated with comments about how she needs to get her butt out there and start dating.  Lana is nervous because her last date didn’t go over so well with the guy taking his teeth out and all.  Dear lord, Kim Zolciak needs to get Lana on Instagram ASAP. 

Later that week, they are outside decorating her home for an intimate baby shower (consisting of Kim’s family and her staff, a little weird, but I’ll roll with it) for her dear friend, Jen.  They briefly flash pictures of Kim and Jen from back in the day and I hope Kim posts more of them on her Instagram/Twitter feed!  Kim attempts to convince Jen to get her placenta into pills to prevent PPD and it’s a tough sell for Jen.  However, when she finally delivers, she eats the placenta smoothie and yum!  She thinks it’s delish. Does this actually work?

Flash to Sweetie Hughes prepping Lana for a makeover.  Kim’s taking this chica out to happy hour to meet a man!  During this beauty mayhem, Kroy Biermann stresses the importance of giving an authentic first impression and not paint a fake face and push-up bra only to disappoint your date later on.  But I have to ask, isn’t painting on a face, wearing a push-up bra and hmmm… I dunno, a wig pretty BS too?  Just sayin’ Kroy!!!  Lana is starting to transform but after Sweetie draws on Uncle Leo eyebrows, she might want to tone it down a bit. 


Kim continues to dispense her advice to the world about how important it is take pride in yourself and put on some damn make-up and have your hair done – every day people!  This is actually much harder to do in real life though, Kim.  And Ta-da!!!  Lana does look great after the makeover.  Kroy would like top it off with an earpiece transmitter device so Kim can continue to preach in Lana’s ear from far away while she meets dudes during happy hour.


Kim and Kroy sit about 5 tables away from where they send Lana off into no-man’s land at the bar, scoping out single men.  Lana is just downright adorable in this entire segment.  She orders a margarita the size of a bucket and proceeds to get hammered as she Hi’s and Goodbyes potential dates. The tequila is starting to sink in and she is mostly just giggles and sloppy slurs as the night goes on.  Tequila shots.  More shots. 

Thank God she decides to go home with Kim and Kroy, who responsibly determine they also have had a little too much to drink and call Brielle for a ride home. 


Brielle pulls up in the Honda and God forbid it’s not the Range Rover as Kim and Kroy will only allow Brielle to drive the Range Rover if they are going to be seen accompanying her in it.  Oh jeez! Brielle, you were great for being the designated driver and for driving the Honda!  Lana gets the spins on the drive home and Kim and Kroy start making out in the backseat like 2 drunk college kids.  This was a pretty funny scene given they were bombed.

Finally, next week is the Biermann camping trip and we are sure to see and hear some hilarious Kim-isms along the way!


Recap Author: Bonnie K.

Photo Credit: Bravo TV


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