Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Shower Rods And Story Lines

love hip hop atl mimi nikko

Gracious, help me! Last night was the season finale of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, and I don’t even know where to start…so I’ll just start at the beginning. Benzino and Althea are picking out invitations for their upcoming nuptials. Geez, ‘Zino is hoping for an invite that plays music, a la Hallmark’s finest. He reminds viewers that this won’t be the most polished event that VH1 will have ever hosted. The-The is plagued with coming up with the guest list, especially since the big day is a week away. Benzino is concerned that he may not have a best man since he keeps taking shots at Joseline Hernandez on Twitter and Instagram in retaliation for her threats to Althea. Stevie J. isn’t too happy with his friend calling out the Puerto Rican princess for being a ho. Since when is Instagram for fighting? My newsfeed hasn’t gotten the memo…it’s all first day of school and people dumping ice over their heads!

Tammy Rivera and Waka Flocka Flame are dining and dishing over their future family. Tammy admits to going to the fertility clinic with Waka’s mom Deb, but he isn’t too keen on the idea of participating in the doctor’s recommended exercises. When she teases about pursuing other options, Waka begrudgingly gives in and agrees to go see the doctor to make sure his boys can still swim.  Across town. Mimi Faust goes to confront Nikko in the studio where he’s recording a song called–wait for it–Shower Rod. Wow. Nikko promises Mimi that he plans to get a divorce since his marriage bothers Mimi so much. She isn’t upset about the marriage anymore. Mimi is more concerned that Nikko may have leaked the tape and wanted to film her without her knowledge. This conversation isn’t going as Nikko planned. She cusses him every which way till Sunday before storming out of the studio.  I love that Mona is promoting Shower Rod as the show heads to commercial break.


Rasheeda and Kirk Frost are better than ever (menage a what?), and he’s supporting her at the launch of her new cosmetics line. Just one time, I’d like to see these women putting their name on something other than lip gloss or spandex. Karlie Redd, Rasheeda, and Erica Dixon talk about how important it is to accomplish goals. Rasheeda complains that her guest list was cut short to avoid drama. She had to refrain from asking The-The, Joc, and Stevie and Joseline. Of course, Benzino is in attendance and trying super hard to garner more dirt on Joseline. He’s hoping that he’ll be able to convince Stevie that Joseline isn’t good enough for him. Zino and his informant head out into the alley with Joseline’s driver…and her side piece. Zino is floored. She’s smashing her driver? He’s willing to come clean…and he’s also willing to spill all of Joseline’s secret rendezvous.

love hip hop atl karlie redd

Unfortunately for Benzino, Karlie was eavesdropping on everything Zino said before heading out into the alley to get schooled by Joseline’s driver. On the way home from the event, Karlie fills in Erica on all of the social media battles transpiring among Zino, Joseline, and Althea. Erica wants none of the drama, and she doesn’t think Karlie needs to get involved. Too late. Karlie texts Joseline “Code Red” and she’s chomping at the bit to spill everything she’s learned. Perhaps Benzino and Karlie were the perfect match because Zino can’t wait to do the same with Stevie J. For his part, Stevie knows he should tell Benzino about his time with Althea (after all, Snoop Dogg suggested he repent), but he’s weary about being honest in light of all the Instagram battling. Stevie urges Zino to get out of the center of ladies’ drama, and he comes clean about his affair with Althea. Benzino isn’t surprised, and he shares what he’s learned about Joseline’s indiscretions with her driver. 

love hip hop atl joseline hernandez

Waka is finally ready to make a deposit at the fertility clinic, and Tammy joins him to lend a hand…literally. After meeting with the doctor, Waka learns that he has a very low sperm count which could have been caused by being shot. However, with some hormone therapy, the doctor may be able to up his came in the semen department. Meanwhile, Stevie thinks he’s about to drop a bomb on Joseline, but she’s prepared after her conversation with Karlie. Joseline wonders why Stevie is letting his best friend disrespect her all over town. Does he really think that she’s going to cheat on him with some minimum-wage driver? Joseline cries that Stevie is hurting her mind and her soul. Stevie won’t admit that he’s controlling, and their argument totally implodes as Joseline threatens to wring the neck that Benzino doesn’t have. Love it! Stevie demands her wedding ring back, and Joseline sullenly obliges.

Erica is happy with status of her co-parenting relationship with Lil’ Scrappy, and Karlie is hellbent on furthering her musical career. Tammy isn’t thrilled by the doctor’s news regarding Waka’s sperm, but the pair is happy to move forward and hopefully start their family soon. Wait, what? There are fifteen minutes left…why are we doing the season round-ups? Oh well! Rasheeda and Kirk are stronger than ever, and he’s even working on his relationship with his mother-in-law even though she insists on still kissing Karter on the mouth. Now that Kalenna and Tony have a new house, they have brought their son home to live with them. Joseline is focused on herself, and that’s all that matters. The wrap up montage is set to Momma Dee’s new track. Amazing.

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Mimi is determined to become a stronger person based on everything she’s been through this season. Sex tapes can take a toll on a person. Stevie is also focusing on his music and family. He wishes he hadn’t strayed in his relationship with Joseline, but it gives us the plot twist for next season as he meets Mimi with a kiss. Now that Mimi has learned about Nikko’s secret marriage, she is ready to make nice with her ex. Stevie apologizes for his behavior regarding her father’s death, and he professes his love for her as a friend and the mother of his child (well, one of them). Mimi wonders why she makes such bad decisions, and Stevie promises to be there for her going forward. Nice touch, Mona!  Well played. 


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