Teen Mom’s Amber Portwood Not Treating Bi-Polar Disorder Or Depression To Avoid Temptation

Amber Portwood

So, the original Teen Mom will return next year, featuring Amber Portwood, Catelynn Lowell, and Maci Bookout. MTV claimed that the porn star turned stripper, Farrah Abraham, wasn’t asked to participate. (Poor Farrah, said no one.) I, for one, am not happy about this revival.

With Farrah out, only Amber‘s story interests me, but I wish she would’ve turned down the offer. In my opinion, the last thing Amber, who battled an addiction to pain killers, suffers from depression and bi-polar, and recently spent 17 months in prison, needs is MTV cameras following her every move.

Thankfully, Amber has maintained her sobriety since her release from prison in November, but it hasn’t been easy. She recently opened up about the lengths she has gone to avoid drugs, including the prescription medication she needs to control her depression and bi-polar disorder.


“I didn’t realize when I did get out that I would have even more temptation out here than I would in there, and I had to prepare myself for that,” said Amber. “It’s whenever things are overwhelming for me or any sort of emotion – sadness, depression, anything – it is very easy to go back to doing drugs because you don’t want to feel that way.”

Amber went on to say that she was prepared for the temptation, due to taking 500 hours of rehab classes in prison, and she feels more comfortable daily. Also, she’s set up a good support system, which is something she sorely lacked on Teen Mom.

“A lot of times it just depends on what I’m feeling, if I’m depressed or I’m sad or I’m bored, I have to learn to cope with it and I have to learn to do things,” shared Amber. “If I’m bored, I’ll call somebody or I’ll go do something or I’ll take a drive. I stay with friends and family. I moved 20 minutes away, to a small town — and I’m just trying to do everything right.”

Amber, who suffers from depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, hasn’t seen a doctor since her release due to her fear of becoming addicted to prescription medication again.

“I am kind of scared to go to a doctor,” admitted Amber. “It is hard but the sad thing about it is that I probably do need to be on medication for my bipolar but I kind of messed that up to where, at this moment, I do not feel I would be strong enough to go to a doctor. The one thing about an addict is that there’s so many temptations and if you know your temptations, you stay away from it.”

Amber added, “I’m not about to put myself in that position right now until I feel like I am completely ready, but it is hard. There are times where I’m really depressed, where it’s really hard, and it’s not necessarily my fault.”

I applaud Amber‘s sobriety, as well as her honesty, but I hope she seeks out a doctor sooner rather than later. 


Photo Credit: MTV