Did Nicole Napolitano And Teresa Aprea Quit RHONJ Over Rino Rumors? Plus Jim Marchese Fired?

rhonj twins + jim marchese

It’s rumor round-up time for Real Housewives Of New Jersey

A story exploded that the twins’ mother Santa once had an affair with Teresa Aprea‘s husband Rino (while their father was allegedly in prison, no less!). While the twins haven’t out and out denied the story, they are said to be furious at Bravo for bamboozling them and secretly conspiring with Victoria Gotti to air this super personal and private information – without even warning them that it was coming! 

As a result Nicole Napolitano and Teressssssssssa were said to be so angry and embarrassed they quit RHONJ mid-season and refused to film additional scenes! Of course this rumor is brought to you by Jim Marchese and his super fascinating twitter feed! 

When a twitter user asked Jim if Bravo producers used Victoria to reveal the rumor because they couldn’t get the information on their own, Jim agreed. Jim replied, “The twins quit because of this, so I guess Bravo is trying to soften the blow in case they want them back.”


I’m not entirely sure what Jim means, but I assume he means they are trying to pin the drama on Victoria, pretending they had no prior knowledge until she revealed it. Of course, we know how reality TV works… 

The twins were quick to deny rumors that they quit or are leaving the show. Nicole replied “no :)” and “sounds like another lie…” while Teressssssa stated, “Still twinning.”

In other Jim news, he shares that Rino and Bobby Ciasulli are so furious at him they told Bravo they wouldn’t show up to subsequent filmings if he was there.  So Bravo didn’t invite him! 

This season’s cast trip takes place in Florida. Bobby and all the husbands attended. During the trip huge drama between the twins, Amber, and Melissa Gorga allegedly erupted. 

Jim continued, “I also did not film the season [finale] because male cast members didn’t want me there. #cowards” Apparently Rino and Bobby blamed Jim and Amber for the rumor that Rino cheated with Teresssssa’s mom – and Dina Manzo was also offended! “D pretended to be offended by Gotti rumor blamed me,” Jim explained. 

He also claims he was not invited to the reunion! Something tells me that will change… “No invite to reunion,” Jim replied to a fan on twitter.  “Wasn’t invited,” Jim tweeted to a fan. “Bobby and Rino were such babies they would[n’t] let me film with them after Florida trip. #notsotough”  Of course, Bobby is quick to accuse Jim of lying. “We never said we wouldn’t film with him, actually it hasn’t been discussed. More lies from Jim!” 

All in all very sketchy – personally I think the whole thing reeks of producer manipulation; telling Jim one thing (i.e. the cast is banning him from filming) while telling the rest of the cast another thing (Jim is refusing to film with you guys…). We all know the cast has little to zero control over who they film with or when they film. 


[Photo Credits: Bravo]