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In case you haven’t heard or checked your DVR’s “to do” list for this weekend, there’s no new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey tonight.  Perhaps Bravo is scrambling to edit the rest of the season?  In any event, if you had you had your heart set on RHONJ, you can now head off to that Labor Day family BBQ instead.   For the rest of us homebodies, we can tune in and watch Kim Zolciak “rough it” in the wild with the rest of the Biermann family on a new episode of Don’t Be Tardy

Earlier this week Kim shared that she had never been camping before she went on this little adventure with Kroy that we’ll get to see tonight.  “I have never ever been camping in my life! I didn’t do it as a kid, it wasn’t something we did. It was completely foreign to me. I just can’t grasp the concept of sleeping outside with insects when I have a beautiful home with a really comfy bed!”

Kim admits that she was not on board with camping but did it all for Kroy, “I dreaded everything about camping aside from spending quality time with my family! I knew how excited my hubby was about camping, and I knew he would make sure we had EVERYTHING we could ever need, sooo I decided if my hubby loves it, I’m going to try and love it too! As you know, my hubby is always supportive of everything I want to do and he rarely asks for much, so camping it is!”

Maybe camping went well because the Biermanns headed out to Bass Pro Shops this weekend for a little retail therapy.  (for Kroy and the boys anyway…) Kim wrote “My Saturday afternoon!! You believe this shit!??  daddy and the boys are in heaven I just open a bunch of candy and walk around  #woulddoanythingforhim #boyswillbeboys.”  I have to say that it’d be hilarious to see Kim meandering around the store trying to find the wigs ‘n wine section, yelling “SWEETIE!!!” from three departments over. 


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So, if you’re bored tonight – Don’t Be Tardy, Game of Crowns and Keeping Up with the Kardashians are all new and RHONJ returns next week with some Giudice legal drama.  



Photo Credit: Bravo TV

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