Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Recap: The “Physical Altercation”

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So, just how many security personnel does it take to restrain one Joseline Hernandez? Scratch that…how many does it take to restrain the entire cast? The first few minutes of last night’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion are total insanity and chaos. I can’t believe they filmed this madness. I’ve said it before, but this time I truly mean it. Shame on you, Mona Scott-Young. That was terrible.

First Joseline goes in on Althea, and I believe Benzino pops her in the head causing Stevie J. to turn into a wild animal. The women are fighting and throwing guitars (that poor band), as host Sommore is escorted off-stage. ‘Zino is screaming “Get off me, get my girl” to security as five grown men are unable to contain Stevie. He is literally undressing to get out of their grasp. The screen goes dark, and we are informed that Joseline and Stevie were able to break away from security. Joseline then bum rushes the stage and starts wailing on Tammy Rivera. What? They had about two minutes of minor beef in the second episode. Really? As Joseline loses her weave in the melee, Tammy procures an arm load of water (vodka?) bottles and starts pelting them. The screen goes black again, and we learn that the set has been locked down and Stevie and Joseline have left the building. Zino and The-The also choose to leave. 

The second part of the reunion is off to a seriously scary start, and Sommore apologizes for the “altercation” after the remaining cast members rejoin her on the stage. She informs us of the Twitter battle that Zino and Stevie have been embroiled in pre-reunion, and she is shocked that Joseline was able to go from zero to a hundred on the psycho-meter just seconds after the ladies were chatting about shoes. Erica Dixon brings up her outfit (Joseline apparently didn’t want to dress like she was going to the Oscars), and Lil’ Scrappy believes she came dressed to fight. Erica recaps what started the fight, and Karlie Redd and Rasheeda couldn’t believe the level of rage in Joseline. My bad, the hair I originally referenced was actually Tammy’s. Poor Tammy seems to be the consensus.


When asked if the cast believes she has a drug problem, Yung Joc won’t blame her craziness entirely on blow. He thinks she’s addicted to fame. Momma Dee is worried that Joseline is going to tear down their entire reality empire with her madness. Karlie tries to sympathize saying that people are always talking major trash to the cast on Instagram hoping to get a reaction, but Rasheeda interjects that pretty much everyone on the stage has an issue with someone else on the show, yet they all managed to act like adults. Kirk Frost believes that Stevie posting the picture of Althea on Instagram was the lowest blow. It’s a bad sign when Kirk is the voice of reason. Kirk believes this is the straw that will break the camel’s back when it comes to Sleazy and Zino’s friendship. Where the hell is Mimi Faust in all of this? 

Oh, there she is! She joins the stage with Deb, Tammy, and Ariane after the brawl. Mimi reveals that Joseline and Stevie passed her and Ariane in the stairwell, and Joseline goes in on Mimi, pushing her down and pulling her hair. It’s almost humorous to watch how fearful the production crew is of Joseline. Almost. Sommore questions what Stevie did when Joseline attacked given that the pair seemed to be in a good place on the finale, and Mimi shares that Stevie was so gone he probably didn’t see her. Nikko was ushered off to a separate room, and he gets some flack from Kirk and Ariane for not trying to get to his woman. Perhaps Kirk can help Nikko host his own “I’m Sorry” party. Mimi believes that it’s a travesty that some people in charge of the show have allowed Joseline to continue with this violent behavior. Amen to that! 

Tammy admits that she was blindsided by Joseline’s attack, and Deb shares that she didn’t like having to defend her daughter-in-law in a physical manner. Deb is pro-women empowerment, but she wasn’t dealing with a woman. She was dealing with Hercules. Kirk is praised for making sure that Tammy was safe as Waka Flocka Flame is on tour. Tammy is glad that Waka wasn’t there because she predicts he would have gone crazier than Joseline if she saw someone mess with his wife and mother. Momma Dee can’t believe that Deb was put in such a position. Deb thinks the there should be mandatory drug testing. Dee champions and intervention. Deb believes that Joseline’s drug problem is her band-aid for bigger issues. Tammy scores a round of applause when she says she feels sorry Joseline and hopes she finds Jesus. When asked if she thinks Stevie has a drug problem, Mimi rolls her eyes and says, “No comment.” 

Tammy recaps her issues with Joseline, and she admits that she allowed Joseline to rile her up as much as she did. A teary Dawn (who was she again?) mourns the loss of her friendship with Joseline. She witnessed first hand Joseline’s escalating substance abuse. Are they going to bring Dr. Drew in here? The cast then speculates whether Stevie and Joseline are truly married. Rasheeda knows that even if they got married in Vegas with no one in attendance, they would have had pictures all over social media. Stevie and Joseline “never leave the Gram.” I am so using that line. Dawn says that Stevie planted the story to make up for humiliating Joseline last season when he proposed to both her and Mimi at the same time. She sees Stevie as Joseline’s pimp who plays on her vulnerabilities and insecurities. Mimi doesn’t care whether they are married…um, you could have fooled me! Karlie and Dee interject Zino is probably upset that Joseline has taken his friend away. Kirk doesn’t think that Benzino is jealous, he probably just doesn’t know how to deal with Stevie and Joseline’s airs. He states that he never knows when or if Stevie is going to acknowledge him. Some days Stevie is his friend, other days, Stevie totally ignores Kirk.

Mimi reminds everyone that Stevie is Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Ariane and Rasheeda agree that Stevie seemed calm and happy at the beginning of the reunion, but Joseline had a weird and negative energy from the start. Deb jokes that they could have warned her! The consensus seems to be that Stevie and Joseline bring one another down and they bring out the worst in each other. Deb gets very upset when Joc compares Stevie and Joseline to Whitney and Bobby. On television, it’s entertaining, but in real life, it’s a tragedy. Deb begrudgingly agrees. The cameras catch up with Joseline, Stevie, Benzino, and Althea. Joseline laughs that everyone was running away from her. Next week’s third installment is going to be just as insane. Why are these people famous? Why do they capitalize on such horrific behavior? 


[Photo Credit: VH1]