Farrah Abraham Is Homeschooling 5-Year-Old Daughter Sophia

Farrah Abraham 23rd birthday

When former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham tweeted that it was “time to be educated” and she hashtag’ed homeschooling, I crossed my fingers and toes and hoped her daughter, Sophia, was not part of the equation. 

Farrah Abraham homeschooling

Surely Farrah is not homeschooling Sophia, I thought. Maybe Farrah is taking an online class, I thought. Well, I thought wrong. In a recent interview, Farrah confirmed that she is, in fact, homeschooling Sophia. Le sigh.


On the Dudley and Bob show, Farrah talked stripping, starting her restaurant, homeschooling Sophia, and getting married.

Stripping: “I actually am a serial entrepreneur,” said Farrah. “The residency at Palazio – I’ve never done and I wanted to try and I think it was a great classy gentlemen’s club to do that at. It’s like a party and very inviting, so I was happy to do that.” Now it’s a residency? BWAHAHAHA!

Yogurt: “The real reason why I came to Austin, Texas, is to start my restaurant, franchise, and brand that I’m continuing – it’s called Froco,” explained Farrah. “It’s a fresh and frozen company. We have fresh organic foods, like gluten free and dairy free, and we also frozen yogurt that’s awesome for the kids. This is a family friendly restaurant that I’m starting as a brand.”

When one of the hosts said he does not believe Palazio paid her $544,000 to strip, Farrah shared, “Money and financials… things people love to talk about. Also people love to call out things that are fake or whatever. I think rather than focusing on things that shouldn’t be anyone’s business, it’s more of the aspect of the fun and trying something out and really just experiencing things.”

Parenting: “My daughter is, like, pretty amazing,” said Farrah. “We just have a schedule, we work it out, and we are with each other a lot because I work from home when I’m here [in Austin] and she’s homeschooling.”

Marriage: Farrah complained, “Literally every type of guy continuously hits on me daily.” When asked why she wants to get married sooner rather than later, she explained, “I’m very well established. I think I’m a grown up enough to know what marriage is and I believe in that.”

“A grown up enough,” said Farrah the educator. I have no words. Can I please have a moment of silence for poor Sophia?


Photo Credit: Alberto Reyes/WENN.com