On this episode of Atlanta Exes the women vacay in the Cayman Islands, bond over their similar experiences, and attempt to move forward with their lives.  

The ladies meet for lunch at Amura Sushi Steak. Torrei has a male friend who says they can use his place in The Cayman Islands. Tameka Raymond wants to know if her friend is married. Where did that come from? Tameka doesn’t want to go to the Caymans because she has been there with her first husband. Sheree wants to swim with the dolphins. Tameka doesn’t want to. Torrei Hart wants to scuba dive. Tameka doesn’t want to do that either. No one is allowing Tameka’s negativity to put a damper on things they just let her be the Debbie Downer that she is and the show flows much better. Side Note: For people who don’t like each other, why are Tameka and Torrei always sitting right next to each other?

The ladies arrive to the white sands and blue waters of the Cayman Islands. Once at the house, with rum punch in hand, they begin the search for their bedrooms. Tameka says that the rooms have to face a certain way towards the looney bin. She also cannot sleep in a bunk bed. Torrei finds the master, but Tameka also has her eyes set on this room. Tameka settles on a room with double beds and everyone says how the room matches her because it is very “Zen.” Seriously???


The women go to a beautiful restaurant, Casanova, where visitors are able to eat next to the lapping waters of the ocean. Tameka expresses that the last few months have been drama filled dealing with her ex and his new girlfriend. She feels that Usher’s girlfriend (Grace) should “play her position.” She says that she told the girlfriend that she felt uncomfortable with her being there, but instead of understanding, the girlfriend was snippy and told her that she needed to get over it, because it was not about her and Tameka. Tameka says that this is where the set-up comes in because if she smashes the girlfriend’s face through the medicine cabinet then she would be considered the crazy person. Um, let me think snippy comment, smashing someone’s face through a medicine cabinet. I would have to say that the reaction is a little disproportionate to the initial transgression. She says that they will say, “She is nuts your honor.” She believes that the media favors her husband, and she always gets the bad rap. She can be provoked or just defending herself, but she gets the bad rap; and it’s not fair. Tameka says that she ultimately she told the girlfriend to take her ass home to her latch-key ass kids. Tameka is learning. Smashing someone’s face because they said something you didn’t like: crazy. Physically attacking someone: backlash. Calling someone out on their own BS: priceless.


Sheree Buchanan says that there is a double standard. If she had someone else to do the things that Ray does for their son, Ray would lose his mind; but he wants the kids to look at his girlfriend as if she is their mother. She wants the girlfriend to know that she is not the mother to her MFing kids. Since the kids came out of her punany, she should have the final word. Preach it girl. We are finally getting to the real issues that exes face (with or without a having a famous ex-partner), but Torrei wants to move beyond this. Can we have a moment of realness? I hate that this moment ended. I finally felt that this was a moment that was genuine and that all women could connect with what they were saying. It wasn’t about the mansions or nannies or money. It was about Exes. Instead we have to move back to this phony keyword that keeps being thrown at us, sisterhood. Is this the key word that the producers have told them to use? Most of the ladies barely know each other, and the others barely like one another. I digress. Torrei has a surprise, tomorrow the ladies will board a catamaran and swim with the stingrays. Both Sheree and, of course, Tameka don’t want to swim with the stingrays. They want to stay on the catamaran because according to them Sheree’s husband was a Ray and he stung her; and Tameka was stung by a Raymond already.

As the women prepare to leave the next day, Monyetta Shaw is speaking to the nanny about her children. She expresses that she is never away from her children, but she is trying to put aside being a mother and focus on her. Once on the catamaran, Torrei decides to pole dance. Magic City here she comes or NOT. # STOP The tour guide says that if you kiss the stingrays, then you get seven years of good luck. All of the women decide that it is time to strip to their bikinis. The catamaran driver is enjoying the view. The women begin swimming with the stingrays. Torrei is screaming as the stingray really does seem to be going for her goodies. Christina said it bests when she says that Torrei was getting humped by a stingray. Torrei gives the stingray a very long kiss. Is this a new love affair blooming before our eyes? Forget Christina and Willie. Sheree decides to conquer her fears and swim with the stingray. The ladies rub all over and kiss the stingray. The editors must have a since of humor, because it was a little soft-core porn-esque and rather funny. They are back to the boat, and Monyetta is happy that Ne-Yo is home with the children. The women say that he should be home experiencing what she experiences every day. Note to both: People take care of their children every day without the help of a nanny. As one of the women said, “That’s life.” Monyetta has decided to remove the pictures by the bedroom. She has had an awakening and her love for Ne-Yo is shifting. She is going to see where it goes. I really do sincerely wish her the best of luck.

The ladies are admiring each other’s outfits as they get ready to go clubbing at the Royal Palms. Can I borrow a line from Tameka, white SHOES should be banned in America, and they might be illegal in a few states. Please stop with the white shoes, Tameka and Torrei. # très tragique The deejay asks for someone to come to dance with him, and Torrei accepts the challenge. All of the women dance the night away and have a great time with the company of some men they meet. Monyetta especially works the dance floor.

Monyetta, Tameka and Christina Johnson  meet in the kitchen. As Tameka is cooking, the conversation leads to Willie. Tameka thinks that Christina doesn’t want to move on from CeeLo. Christina felt like she couldn’t trust Willie because he didn’t tell her that he dated Monica. Monyetta believes that Christina and Willie had great chemistry. Tameka tells Christina that she can’t dump a guy because someone else dated him and that any guy worth his salt will have dated someone else. According to Tameka, if Christina gets a virginal guy, he will not know what to do with her anyway.   Tameka do you hear yourself? Usher has dated and, by the way, had sex with women, so stop getting angry with anyone who may have had sex with Usher at some point in his life. The women encourage Christina to go back to Willie.   Since Sheree and Torrei are on an excursion, Monyetta suggests that she, Tameka and Christina swim with the dolphins. Of course, Tameka doesn’t want to swim with the dolphins; but she says that she will go. I hope the dolphins try to hump on her like the stingray did Torrei. She may need that in her life to help her loosen up.  


Monyetta, Tameka and Christina go to swim with the dolphins. Tameka worries that the dolphins may be going through a tripped out phase and asks whether the dolphins will take it out on them. The dolphins are not you Tameka. The guide says that the dolphins only do what they want to do. I stand corrected, maybe the dolphins are her. #finicky dolphins. The dolphins look very graceful as they do tricks in the water. Tameka doesn’t want them to do tricks. Monyetta and Christina take easy, smooth rides on the dolphins. Now, it is Tameka’s turn. I feel bad for the dolphins. Tameka grabs the dolphins by their fins and glide across the water, while inspirational music plays in the background (ten feet tall). Really, she rode a dolphin she didn’t save Gotham city. On a serious note, it was good to see her finally have fun though; and she was proud of herself.

After their separate adventures, all of the women meet together, and Sheree decides to take Christina aside to discuss Willie. Sheree says that she knows that there is something between Christina and Willie. Sheree wonders if CeeLo is the reason that Christina dumped Willie. Sheree believes that Willie genuinely likes Christina; and says that the boy has been looking pitiful since she left him. Christina agrees that Willie is really a genuine guy, which can be hard to find. Christina says that it is scary to give yourself to someone else, but Sheree convinces Christina to make things right with Willie.

All of the women meet for massages. While Tameka, Christina and Sheree get massages, Monyetta and Torrei have a heart-to-heart. Torrei tells Monyetta that she feels like Monyetta is growing. Monyetta confides that she gets angry because she still has certain feelings. She says that she wishes that she could cut the feelings off like a light switch. Monyetta expresses that she didn’t expect to be at this point. She says that when she would complain about things that ‘his team’ would say things like, ‘how dare she complain, she has all of these things.’ Monyetta expresses that she really just wanted her family over all of the other things. Monyetta and Torrei tear up over their shared pain. Torrei urges her to move on and tells her that she will get pass this to be in a better place with someone better.

The ladies decide to lunch on the beach behind the house. Christina says that they all have a bond and have worked through a lot. Monyetta thanks the women for helping her to grow and move forward. Torrei says that they have a common bond in that they have all been through hell. Torrei reveals that she can be very hardcore, and that she is trying to get softer. She has been through a lot with women and family members, and it has made her hard; but that is not really who she is at the core. Tameka says that she is happy that they took the trip. The island was really the star of this trip, but it was good to see the ladies move pass the surface and deal with deeper issues.

Next episode: Tameka appears on the Rickey Smiley Show. Christina considers dating Willie again, but will he take her back? Sheree decides to go see her father whom she has not seen in 15 years, but is she too late?


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