Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion Recap: Jumping To The Conclusion…Finally!

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Third time’s the charm, right? Probably not, but at least last night was the third and final installment of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Reunion. Thank goodness. I really don’t think I could take anymore. On last night’s conclusion, Sommore once again recapped the epic throw down among Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J., Benzino, and Althea, and of course, they finally tackled Mimi Faust’s sex tape with Nikko. I have to laugh as Mimi’s rise to porndom is highlighted. I’d forgotten how innocent she claimed to be about her knowledge of the leak. Mimi stands by Nikko’s claims that he had nothing to do with leaking the video, reminding everyone that she was with Nikko when their luggage was stolen at the airport…and in that luggage was the laptop that contained the footage.

Nikko pretty much shoots himself in the foot as he claims innocence yet refuses to take a lie detector, reiterating that he has nothing to prove. Um, yeah you do, my friend. Yeah. You. Do. Deb wants Nikko to own up to his behavior. The Kardashians owned up to their videoed sexcapades, and Deb believes they are better people for it. Sure, we’ll go with that. Nikko protests that people are buying the tape, so it really doesn’t matter who leaked it. When asked if she’s hurt that Nikko is refusing the polygraph, Mimi sighs that she’s over it. Perhaps she knew of Nikko’s intentions all along. Ariane thinks that Nikko is fake and insincere, and she lays into him about what an ass he is. Rasheeda Frost agrees, wishing that he’d just own up to his actions. Erica Dixon can’t stand the fool either. Mimi doesn’t like being in the middle, but she is extremely defensive about her relationship, and Nikko tries to explain his situation. Sommore jokes that Nikko needs to invest in a lock for his luggage. A show of hands reveals that it’s pretty unanimous among the cast that Nikko leaked the tape. After another offer, Nikko still refuses to take a lie detector test.


Continuing with the leaked video, we watch clips of the cast’s reaction to seeing Mimi and Nikko’s sex tape. It was clearly a production by professionals. Mimi brags on the fact that hers is the highest grossing sex tape in Vivid’s history, and she’ll go to any lengths to provide for her daughter. Lather, rinse, repeat. She is a broken record. Mimi’s reaction to learning that Nikko is married is replayed. Why is she still with this d-bag? Karlie Redd is tearful that her friend keeps picking jackasses, and Nikko smirks. He says that he never deceived Mimi by being married, she just never asked. That’s fair. WHO IS THIS IDIOT? Deb once again plays the voice of reason, but it’s all for naught. Mimi is still in a sexual relationship with Nikko because she has no one else in her life. Momma Dee praises the tape for making her hot. Please, no. When asked if any of the other cast members have made a sex tape, Karlie pipes up that she and Joc made a tape. Karlie threatens that she would never leak the tape for money, but she’d certainly do it for revenge. Be very afraid, Joc! 

Kalenna and her baby bump are the next focus, along with Tony and her best friend/lover Ashley. I’m not quite sure why they are even on the reunion unless VH1 is trying to get some world record for having the most participants in a reunion special. Their “special” friendship is highlighted. Kalenna and Ashley have been friends for eleven years, but about five years into their friendship it became physical. Kalenna had been with other women before Tony, but Kalenna was Ashley’s first dip in the lady pond. Ashley reveals that the girls never had a threesome with Tony. Sommore asks a loaded question to Kirk Frost as to whether he’d like to bring another woman into the bedroom with Rasheeda. That’s a big “HELLZZ NO,” according to Kirk. He’s certainly learned his lesson. Joc jokes that this is the cast of L&HH: ATL, everyone has probably participated in a threesome at some point!

Meeting with one of the producers, Joseline and Stevie want to share their side of the story. The “are they or are they not” of their marriage situation is recapped, and still neither of them can remember their wedding date…still. Joseline gives the details of their wedding, but she “forgot” to bring their marriage certificate. Shocking. 

Benzino and Althea initially refused to talk to producers after the reunion, but a week later they finally agree to speak. However, Benzino refuses to talk about the fight or the reunion. When Althea starts answering the producer’s questions, Zino reminds her that the only acceptable answer is “no comment.” When pressed to listen to each of the questions before deciding to ignore them all, Benzino becomes enraged and actually goes after the producer. Where did that come from? I am so confused, but one thing is certain–Zino looks like a silly punk. After calming down, Benzino apologizes to the producer and finally agrees to discuss the fight. He doesn’t regret his “cocaine” comment, but the producer chides that it is what started the fight. I have to agree with Althea (what?) that the cast members should be able to say what they want without getting pummeled, right? 

Stevie and Joseline both feel that Zino’s comments started the brawl, and Joseline jokes about being sucker punched by Benzino’s one good arm. Stevie admits that he held back at the beginning of the fight because Zino is so old. Joseline then says that given the opportunity, Stevie would break the neck that Benzino doesn’t have. Girl’s still got jokes! She then negates claims that she was dressed for a fight while struggling, multiple times, to say the word “elegantly.” It’s a bit hilarious. Joseline recalls that she wasn’t just swinging blindly, instead she was targeting everyone who talked crap about her all season. She attacked Mimi because she hated how Mimi spoke about her this season, and she threatens to make Stevie’s “baby mama’s” life hell. I know it’s Stevie, but I’m a bit disappointed that he doesn’t stop her from talking about his daughter’s mom. When asked how fame has changed her, Joseline believes that she’s classier and calmer now than she was the first season. She is clearly delusional. Stevie admits that Joseline may need therapy to help with her “evolution,” but Joseline is adamant that she doesn’t have any problems. 

As for Zino and Sleazy’s Twitter war, Benzino and Althea admit that the “Lettuce” picture was theirs, and Benzino accidentally set it to Twitter. Stevie took it from his page and passed it off as his own as retaliation for Zino posting negative videos of Joseline.  Benzino blames Joseline on ruining his friendship with Stevie because of her erratic behavior. When asked if she’s an addict, Joseline admits that she does love to smoke weed, but that’s it. Stevie pipes in that he’s clean. I wish he’d take off his sunglasses and say that again. As for Sleazy and Zino, it’s “the end.” 


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