Courtney Stodden Opens Up About The Single Life And Her Reconciliation

Courtney and Doug

Child bride and recent Couples Therapy alum, Courtney Stodden, penned an open letter recently, hoping to put some rumors to rest regarding her separation and reconciliation with her much older husband. In one of the most shocking revelations, Courtney claimed, ‘I wanted to be reckless and promiscuous’ while separated from Doug Hutchison.

Read on for more highlights from Courtney’s candid letter published in the UK’s Daily Star


“I’m here to set the record straight.”

“I’m very much in love with Doug. Our marriage is stronger than ever and I look forward to renewing our vows together.”

“And, though I had relations with other men after our break-up, I never snuck around and cheated.”

“Before I ever started dating, our attorney drew-up separation documents, they were signed, with Doug and I legally separated.”

“So, once I was in that CBB (Celebrity Big Brother) house – away from my home, away from Doug, away from my family for the first time ever – I felt as if I was thrown into a whole other world of partying, drinking, flirting, no rules or morals, as if I was thrust into an alternative universe experiencing the ‘typical’ teen years that got cut short.”

“It was confusing, disorienting and enticing all at the same time.”

“Consequently, after three weeks of nothing outside CBB, I found myself wanting to ‘sow my wild oats’, so to speak, and experience what it would be like to be young, reckless and promiscuous.”

“I was convinced, at that point in time, that I couldn’t be held down by the restraints of marriage.”

“Somehow Doug knew that I needed to do this for my own personal and spiritual growth. That’s a kind of unconditional love I could only aspire to.”

“Over the next six months, I went absolutely wild. I partied with friends, drank way too much for my own good, and experienced the dating world.”

“As soon as the tabloids confirmed Doug and I had called it quits, my phone was ringing off the hook with men offering me the world on a silver platter. Men wanting to wine and dine me. Men promising to show me good times. Men flattering me with diamonds.”

“I’m not sure how he did it, but Doug managed to endure the inevitable blow to his ego and heart through it all.

When I’d finally had enough of my indiscretions, he was still there, loving me for who I am.”

As disturbing as I find Courtney and Doug’s relationship — you have to admit, she seems to have found herself a good man. Not a lot of men would be cool with their wife sowing her wild oats — especially on Celebrity Big Brother — and then airing their dirty laundry on Couples Therapy. I have to say — I am starting to root for these two!


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