On this week’s episode of Atlanta Exes: Much to CeeLo Green’s chagrin, Christina Johnson wants to see if Willie will take her back. Monyetta Shaw gets exciting news, and Sheree Buchanan heads on a journey to find her father.

Sheree comes to visit Torrei Hart at her apartment to talk about Sheree’s father. Sheree hasn’t seen him in almost 15 years. She says that she lost contact with him because his number changed. She says that she has tried to find her father many times, but has been unsuccessful.  In this time of Facebook, are you saying that you have not been able to reach anyone on your father’s side of the family? That’s the story. Let’s roll with that then. She and Torrei are going to ride in their “hot pink pick-up truck” down to Madison, Georgia where he lives. How far is this from Atlanta? I smell contrived storyline.

Next we are at Christina’s home where she is on FaceTime with CeeLo. She wants him to know that she is starting to date. He wants to know all of the details of the guy she is dating: How tall is he, and did he dress nice? He even wants to know….wait for it…. did he smell nice, because according to CeeLo a smell should be memorable. CeeLo can’t believe that she is dating a tall guy. “But you like short guys,” he says. By the way, Willie is 6’8, go head Willie. CeeLo tells Christina that they are never going to stop loving each other, that they are family. It sounds really supportive, until he tells her to not let any man named Willie to touch her. CeeLo says, “I don’t like it.”

Torrei and Tameka Raymond are meeting at Tameka’s office so Torrei can help Tameka prepare for the 5K for her charity, Kile’s World. Tameka wants many things done for the 5K. She wants 1,000 T-Shirts from a vendor though no one has the name of the vendor at the meeting. She wants to get 1,100 people to show up for the event, but has not completed promotions yet. Torrei suggests that the women should use social media to promote the event. Torrei asks, “Have we started anything yet?” Torrei worries that they will not pull the event off, but to Tameka she says that it will be great.


Christina has invited Willie for drinks. Willie had worried that they may never be able to see each other again. He wondered whether it may have been something deeper than just the situation with Monica. Willie says that he liked her from day one, and hopes she won’t break his heart again. *so cute* She says that she keeps her running shoes on, she is a runner because she has been hurt in the past. So you run away from the new men and stay attached to the man who has hurt you. Dating Tips from Atlanta Exes. She wants Willie to know that she will always be family with CeeLo, and that CeeLo is her stylist. I say that she could stand to let him go as her stylist. Willie says that he has some good taste so he might be able to help her out in the styling area. Christina asks Willie “you gone take his job.” Willie is rather cute and funny. Get over the Munchkin and move on. They laugh and decide that they are excited to move on to the next level with their relationship. Good for Christina. She is rather likable.

Monyetta is meeting with her OBGYN. She wants to talk about her options to have more children since she burned her tubes when “they” as a family decided they didn’t want any more kids. Why are you meeting with the doctor about this and you haven’t even went on one date or moved out of Ne-Yo’s house. Ne-Yo has been suffering backlash from the show, because viewers are upset over him breaking up with her after “they” decided to burn her tubes. All I have to say is, women have been fighting for many years to maintain control over their reproductive health, and you should always make your OWN decisions about it.  Her doctor says that he does tube reversal procedures often, and can do it through small incisions (not invasive). He says that they can put the tubes back together. She is shocked. Monyetta says that she feels like a weight is off her shoulders. *eye roll* # end of that storyline

Tameka is at The Rickey Smiley Morning Show talking with the whole crew. She is promoting the 5K for her charity, Kile’s World. Gary with Da Tea, started the drama right off by asking how it feels to be a celebrity ex, “Is it like you are just an outcast?” Tameka says that it is like everyone else, but the media portrayals are different. HeadKrack says that Tameka has been painted as the bad guy. Ebony (who is no longer with the show) asked about this also. Tameka said that she was never found to be crazy. I would beg to differ. Tameka feels that she was able to set the record straight and promote her cause. Tameka believes that keeping Kile’s memory alive through events like the 5K keep her grounded.

Monyetta is at Christina’s house to share the good news that she got from her doctor. It is about an     85 % chance she can have a child, if she has the reversal procedure. Monyetta says loudly, “If AND ONLY IF I DECIDE TO DO THAT.” Wait a minute, weren’t you just crying about not having a chance to have a baby, if Prince Charming comes along. Now, it is as if she doesn’t want to have the reversal. PLEASE HAVE A SEAT. Christina discusses how she has begun dating Willie again. They discuss how everybody loves Willie. She talks about their date, and Christina says that the conversation was good. Monyetta is happy for her. Christina is happy to just be moving on and healing.

Christina and Monyetta meet at Rose Couture, Christina’s favorite boutique. Christina has been hearing some rumors about CeeLo getting engaged. She asked CeeLo, and he told her, “I don’t owe you an explanation, my love.” Passive aggressive much? Did you not just tell her that you don’t like her dating Willie and to not let Willie touch her. Christina says that she felt crushed, and he refused to tell her. Christina asked him, “But we’re family right.” I feel sorry for her, but this is what happens when you hold on to someone for eight years after a divorce. She says that they are so close, and that in everything she does, she considers him. Monyetta chimes in that she is the exact same way. Can you let someone have their own story? Christina says that she has now come to the point where she doesn’t give a shit about whether he cares about her dating. Good for her.

Torrei and Sheree are ready to find her dad. Madison, Georgia, it turns out is only an hour and half away, and she is going back to the same house that he lived in. How hard did you look for him? Can we stop with the fake story lines? Torrei asks her will she recognize her father. Really??? Madison is a town where everybody knows everybody. Sheree is talking to the cashier at the gas station about her family. The family, the Veasleys, are pretty prominent in the area. They have a street named after them, and as it turn out, own a gas station directly up the street.


Sheree hopes her father is still alive. Sheree meets her first cousin at the gas station that her family owns. First, the cousin said that her father was deceased, then he said that he was still alive. He is no longer in Madison though. He has moved back to Kentucky where Sheree used to live when she was younger. She may be just in time because he is sick, and it is not looking good right now. She feels like she needs to get to see him soon, and plans a trip to see him in Louisville.


Sheree meets with Dorothy, her father’s wife whom she has never met before. She has found out that her father, Albert, is not as sick as she thought, but she is glad that she decided to come. Dorothy is jazzy with her sunglasses. She tells Sheree that her father has suffered some memory loss. Sheree is worried that he may not know her. Sheree shares pictures of her children with her father. Her father seems very happy to see her. Sheree promises not to lose contact with her father again.  

Next Week: The women decide to go to a self-defense class. The women confront Tameka about her behavior, and Sheree has had enough of Tameka’s jabs and explodes.


Recap Author: Tiffany

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