Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: And So It Begins…With A Bar Brawl

lhh hollywood teairra fight

There will never be another Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I wish Mona Scott Young would just figure this out and spare us all of these L&HH franchises, but I know that will never happen. So, let’s just dive into the premiere of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.

We first meet Teairra Mari, a singer who signed with Def Jam when she was sixteen. No longer with the label, Teairra is determined to prove she’s still in it to win it when it comes to her music. Hazel-E is a former superstar publicist who left her high powered career to pursue her dream of being a rapper. She and Teairra are roommates, and they are catching up after some time apart. The love of Teairra’s life is Ray-J, and she reminds us that we may know him from a few songs and perhaps a tape or two. I love it. Teairra reveals that while the pair had an on-and-off relationship for nine years, she hasn’t seen or talked to Ray-J in eight months when she found out he was cheating. Hazel can’t believe they’ve been apart for so long, and I have to wonder what “roommates” go eight months without a gossip session or two. Sounds a bit staged to me. Ray-J has moved his new lady into his house without returning any of Teairra’s belongings, and she’s ready to rectify that situation.


Morgan Hardman is Ray-J’s personal assistant. She has an eleven-year-old son named Cory. Speaking of, Ray-J opens his mouth to talk about his empire of television, music, and books. He’s not just a man, he’s a brand. How did I not realize that his voice sounded like such a cartoon character? Morgan and Ray-J are like brother and sister, and Morgan wants to know why Ray wants to invite Teairra to his launch party. While Teairra and Morgan used to be besties, Morgan ended their friendship when Teairra attacked her at a party. BFFs for sure!

Omarion’s solo career is going well after splitting from B2K. He’s been with Apryl Jones for three years, and they are expecting a baby together. At the doctor’s office, the couple enjoys seeing their son on the sonogram. Omarion is upset that his mother wasn’t at the appointment. Apryl shares that his mom, Miss Leslie, doesn’t like her. Of course she doesn’t! It’s not a L&HH franchise if there isn’t a mama judging the women in her son’s life. Omarian wishes that Apryl would just be the bigger person and appease his mother, but she’s not willing to swallow her pride. Soulja Boy is hosting a party to celebrate girlfriend Nia Riley’s birthday. She’s no stranger to the hip hop world as her father is responsible for Blackstreet and Rump Shaker. The couple has been on and off for eight years, and the off time is always due to the groupies and hos. No shocker there!

lhh hollywood omarion

Teairra is meeting with Ray-J so she can get her stuff, but really she wants to let him know just how upset she is about the demise of their relationship. She begins to go off on him, and Ray-J tells viewers that he adores Teairra but she’s a bit scary and violent. He’s willing to be friends, but she still loves him. Ray-J then picks the wrong time to explain to Teairra that he can’t find her belongings. She’s threatening to beat up his new girlfriend and I’m worried she may cold-cock him the parking lot. Violent temper, you say?

Another B2K member, Fizz, is hoping to get his solo career back on track. After ten years, Fizz and Omarion are reconnecting. They don’t love being remembered as part of the boy band. Fizz really wants people to know him independently for the group. Fizz has a three-year-old son with Moniece who started going a bit crazy when the boy was a baby. Fizz has full custody of son Cameron for the first year and half of his life, and while he and Moniece now have joint custody, Cameron stays with Fizz full time. Fizz admits that he is a bit wary of doing visitation with Moniece when her parents aren’t present. He totally shouldn’t be! Moneice is building her own dynasty! Starting out as a singer, she’s moved on to launching her own sex toy company. Look out Kandi Burruss! She and Teairra are good friends (after some issues, of course) which makes sense given both of their history. The ladies dish on custody, and Moniece has no clue where Fizz lives. She admits that she doesn’t see her son as much as she’d like. Moneice is ready to face Fizz about how they are going to work together as parents. Teairra hopes it won’t end in Moniece getting arrested.

lhh hollywood soulja boy

Is it just me, or does Soulja Boy look like a twelve-year-old Flava Flav? He and Nia discuss moving in together. Can you guess which one wants to move in and which one is hesitant? Soulja/Dre loves to be rambunctious and fun, but Nia is more calm and collected. Nia has a one-year-old daughter from another relationship which happened when they were on a break. Dre is actually excited about playing house with baby Cameron and Nia. He explains that he’d always assumed the children they had would be together, he would hope Nia would love his child from another woman if the tables were turned. Wow. Soulja Boy making some serious sense…who knew?

To make Omarion happy, Apryl has invited over his mother Leslie. Leslie has quite the impressive rattail, and she is very passive aggressive. Leslie was a hairdresser to the stars, and she’s upset that Apryl’s pregnancy took more and more money away from what Omarion promised her when she got sick. Apryl tries to play nice, but Leslie won’t buy what she’s selling. Leslie is terrifying. Meanwhile, Moniece ambushes Fizz in the studio, and she wants to know why Fizz is so unresponsive to her text messages. He wonders why she is getting on him so much when she only makes time to see Cameron once every two weeks. Moniece tries to explain that she’s building her business so she can be financially stable enough to give her son what he wants. Fizz believes that she should be more concerned with the amount of time she spends with Cameron as opposed to how much money she will have with which to shower him. I like Fizz a lot…so far.

lhh hollywood fizz

It’s Ray-J’s launch party for his web site, so you know there’s going to be a brawl. Just remember the formula that makes up these franchises. Ray-J’s new lady has taken photographs of everything that Teairra left at his house…it’s plane tickets, receipts, and yeast infection meds. Teairra approaches Ray-J at the event requesting he pay her for the items that are now missing. He finds that laughable given that he paid for most of it. At this point, Ray-J’s girlfriend Princess starts showing Teairra her Monistat slide show. Ray-J tries to separate the women, but not before Teairra launches a drink in Princess’ face. Yup, this season is off to a running start for sure!


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