Bethenny Frankel Talks Housewives, Aviva Drescher And Her New Book

Bethenny Frankel Signs Copies Of Her Children's Book

Bethenny Frankel — please come back to the Real Housewives of New York! Ok, maybe that is not the exact words spoken by Billy Bush in a candid new interview with Bethenny, but it is what I heard.

Never one to shy away from the truth, Bethenny opened up about her new book, the possibility of a return to the show that made her famous, Scary Island, fake housewives and her surprising connection to Aviva Drescher.


Bethenny’s answers shocked me from the very beginning of the Access Hollywood Live interview, the highlights:

Her favorite moment from her three seasons on the show — seriously only threes seasons! — “The brass monkey, it was kind of great. It was challenging.” You know the moment she is talking about. When Kelly Bensimon told Bethenny “I’m up here. You’re down here.” Classic housewives moment!

She still talks to “crazy eyesRamona Singer. “Ramona has called me and we discussed what’s going on in her life and she came on my show. And it’s good, it’s different. Like I said when you’re doing a show like that, doing the ‘Housewives’ you’re in a bubble. And drama seems so important. And you’re talking about things that you would never normally talk about and reacting in a way you wouldn’t normally react.”

Bethenny is the one we have to blame for Aviva Drescher coming into our lives! “I got her on the show. I said to Andy, she has one leg and her ex-husband has slept with two current ‘Housewives.’ But to have lost your leg, which is so terrible, I give her a hall pass. America didn’t give her a hall pass. To lose her leg and be so disliked is remarkable. She’s got to do something terrible.” Trust us Bethenny, she did plenty of awful things!

Returning to the Real Housewives of New York has been an open discussion between Bethenny and Andy Cohen.”I talk to Andy, we’re talking about another project right now and we’re working on something that’s a little bit of a secret. And Ramona has asked me, it’s — I’d have to be crazy. I am crazy. You’d have to be crazy to do it.”

Hmmmmm, secret project. Sounds interesting. We may have to wait to hear more details on this secret project. But we definitely know what Bethenny’s latest project, her new children’s book Cookie Meets Peanut. “It’s about the dynamic and you bring a baby home and you have a dog. My dog is 14 years old and a complicated canine. She’s really a bitch. She doesn’t want anybody else in her life, she protects her people. I bring my daughter home and I’m panicked that this little preemie, peanut is going to get hurt. You’re thinking all of these crazy thoughts. That’s a dynamic, a journey you go on and they end up becoming very good friends.”

Ok, Bethenny, I will make you a deal. I will buy your new book, if you promise to come back and save the Real Housewives of New York. We miss having someone real!


[photo credit: Getty Images]