Nicole Napolitano

Why do I feel like we have been talking about Florida a lot longer than a week or two?!? Nicole Napolitano took to her Real Housewives of New Jersey blog to take a jab at Amber Marchese and gush about how much she enjoyed her first day in Florida with Teresa Aprea, Melissa Gorga, and Dina Manzo. But as we all know, the trip goes to hell the next episode. 

Recalling the last two episodes, Nicole shared, “The scene that I found most annoying was Amber being so nosey and prying into Teresa Giudice‘s business. It was bad enough to bring the cameras into church on a solemn day to show how holy the Marcheses are (how Pharisaic), but then she leaves the church to make a phone call to Teresa Giudice. It was almost embarrassing how Amber could not take the hint that Teresa did NOT want to speak about it.”


“I love how you all get to see how all of us girls interacted and got along,” Nicole said about Florida. “We initially all planned this trip for Teresa Giudice to get her mind off of everything. I was upset when I found out she couldn’t go to Florida, because I was really looking forward to have some more girl bonding time with her, but I completely understood why she stayed home.”

Nicole said everyone agreed to stay in that first night, adding, “We had a great meal and we all seriously laughed for a long time around that table.”

“I love my sister more than anything, but yes, we do disagree and I think I got across how strongly I feel about shut up,” Nicole said about the drama after dinner. “I feel words are so powerful, so we must watch our words, especially with the people we love. One thing I do know is we are sisters and nothing will ever come between us, even if we don’t see eye to eye on everything.”

About Dina, she added, “I could tell something was lying heavy on her heart and she wanted to tell us something. I never thought for a second she ever wanted to hurt us, but only help us.”

I’m curious to see what went down in Florida. I know many people feel Teresa and Nicole‘s anger towards Amber is uncalled for since Victoria Gotti started the rumor. I want to see how Jim and Amber handled the confrontation before I judge the twins for their reaction. I could be wrong… but something tells me Jim and Amber deserve the hate they got. Two more days…


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

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