Sonja Morgan Says Bethenny Frankel Returning to Real Housewives of New York Would Be Breath Of Fresh Air

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Rumors have been swirling for months that Bravo is desperately trying to woo Bethenny Frankel back to The Real Housewives of New York.  Bethenny admitted that she and Andy Cohen ARE working on projects together, but hasn’t confirmed if one of them is the reality show that made her famous.  Fans of the show have been equally divided over her possible return, but one cast member spoke out to say she’d be thrilled to have Bethenny back on the show: Sonja Morgan

Sonja dished with her good friend Tom Murro, sharing that Bethenny coming back on board would be cool with her.  “I heard the rumors the Bethenny could be considering coming back.  Would be a breath of fresh air.”  Sonja throws a little dig at her co-stars, “I could use a good sense of humor in the bunch!” 

She continues, “We always have fun together.  She’s a good egg and doesn’t take herself so seriously. I also love that Bethenny gives me creative license to be myself but at the same time gives me a motherly nudge to stand up for myself.  She reminds me that I know what I’m doing for myself and my family. To not let anyone tell me otherwise.”

I wonder if Sonja will feel the same way about Bethenny’s return when she hears the new rumor that Bravo is offering Bethenny more than a million dollars to sign on!  That might cause a little tension among the ladies…

We haven’t heard from the other cast members on their feelings about the rumored casting for next season. 

Where do you stand?  Yay or nay on Bethenny coming back?  Who do you think should be asked back for the next season?  Who should be dropped


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