Aviva Drescher Admits To Leaving Real Housewives Of New York; Claims She’s Anti-Drama “Off Screen”

aviva drescher on the cover of millennium magazine

Aviva Drescher is kinda admitting her retirement as a Housewife. Rumored to be fired from Real Housewives Of New York, she talks how the drama took over her life, managing family with reality TV, and continues to insist her “Leg Toss” was unplanned. 

Aviva was nominated for RHONY by friend Bethenny Frankel and claims she was apprehensive about joining the show. “When I was approached to be on RHONY my first response was “Absolutely not. Those women are nuts.” But Aviva’s decision was swayed by the opportunities that could arise through being on Bravo… such as “writing” her book Leggy Blonde. “I was interested to learn about the reality television process and culture, and I was excited to have a job! I had been a stay at home mom for 10 years, which can be mind-numbing,” Aviva shares. 


Unfortunately Aviva had a lot of difficulty balancing family duties with the show, hence her claims that she needed to skip mandatory filming events for family. “I have too much on my plate – I drop the ball from time to time,” she admits. “I try to take it a day at a time and prioritize my family.” 

Interesting, Aviva claims that away from the camera she is against causing drama, which seems to infer that she was presenting a persona on RHONY. “Of screen I am anti-drama! Life is always presenting obstacles and challenges which I choose to face cool, calm, and collected,” Aviva insists to Millennium Magazine. This paints a very different portrait than the Avicious we saw on two-seasons of Real Housewives! 

Speaking of which, Aviva says her decision to toss her leg during the season finale was completely impulsive. “It was not scripted or planned,” she maintains – despite what her castmates believe. “I often loosen my leg when sitting to facilitate blood flow so that I am more comfortable. There was a lot of commotion and someone had to finally put their foot down. I happened to have one handy.” 

Aviva believes the leg toss showed more about her castmates’ character than her own. “I am glad that all reactions to the ‘leg toss’ have been met with a chuckle. It caused people to have emotional reactions, a primary goal in entertainment.” 

With this season over and drama about how to revamp the cast to raise ratings, Aviva (and her father George, whom she describes as “very rough around the edges”) have reportedly been given their walking papers. “I don’t know if I’ll be returning to RHONY,” Aviva acknowledges, “but I will be on TV screens again soon!” Aviva’s father George is rumored to be filming a spinoff with new bride Cody – it will not air on Bravo. 

With that said, Aviva is glad she had the opportunity to be on RHONY and is appreciative of the platform it provided. “Being on RHONY has been incredible. While I don’t enjoy gossip and drama as a means for entertainment (#yeah right #legtoss) the amount of people I have helped is tremendous, and writing a book alongside with product development has all been a result of doing the show.” 


[Photo Credit: Millennium Magazine via Facebook]