Dina Manzo: ‘I Was Team Santa’

Dina Manzo on Florida

Will this rumor ever end?? Well, this is the Real Housewives of New Jersey, so chances are no, it will never end. So, am I the only one who thinks Victoria Gotti knew exactly what she was doing when she opened her big mouth to Teresa Giudice and Amber Marchese?? Shame on her for continuing to spread such a gross rumor!

Then Dina Manzo got involved. Granted she was trying to put out the flames before an eruption instead of fan them! (Ahem, Hurricane Jim!) But, then she was caught in the middle just trying to make peace between TerEsa Aprea — who wanted an apology —  and Teresa — who didn’t think she should give one.

So just whose side is Dina on?


“I wasn’t team TerEsa over Teresa at any time at all. I was team Santa. Parents and children are off limits, and Victoria should know better. TerEsa just wanted Teresa to apologize for even entertaining the rumor. I just wanted it all to go away. I never said at any time I thought Teresa was in the wrong, what I said VERY clearly is that I understood TerEsa’s position and I would relay the message to Teresa in hopes that this can all be washed away. Not only for the Ladybug event, but for a peaceful interaction between my old friend and a new one.”

I am not sure that Teresa even entertained the rumor? Is it because she was sitting there while it was being spilled? Frankly she seemed pretty uninvolved. I mean, she does have a lot on her plate at the moment. Plus, she wasn’t even in Florida where all Hell broke loose and then ended with TerEsa and Rino laughing about the whole thing. Case closed – right??

Well, that’s not what it looked like when Dina even brokered the topic of an apology to Teresa Giudice on last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. But, never fear. Dina says their friendship is intact.

“I will always choose doing the right thing, even if it’s not the popular thing. Karma is way more powerful than any human! I promise you that Teresa and I didn’t even bat an eye about all this after that sit down at my kitchen table. It did not affect our friendship for a second.”

And speaking of Teresa, Dina also gives us an update about her bestie, who just learned she would spend 2015 in the slammer.

“I want you fans to know that Teresa is so appreciative of your prayers for her and her family right now. You guys are so loyal, and it really is so touching…I will even take some heat if you’re mad at me for relaying the apology message, LOL! It’s amazing to see how you guys go to bat for her — very cool.


[photo courtesy: bravotv.com]