Victoria Gotti Stands Firm In Her Rino Aprea Affair Statement

victoria gotti stirs up trouble on rhonj

Yesterday Teresa Aprea, her sister Nicole Napolitano and their significant others, Rino Aprea and Bobby Ciasulli, gave their side of the drama in Florida to OK! magazine.  They basically bashed Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Jim Marchese throughout the interview and again denied that the rumors of Rino’s affair with Teresa’s mother Santa.  Victoria Gotti isn’t too thrilled over their refusal to admit the truth. 

In their interview, none of the cast members mention Victoria Gotti specifically and they keep referring to Jim as the one to blame for the affair rumor.  Teresa and Rino adamantly deny the affair accusation and snipe,   “People do things for money.  When you’re a has-been, you do anything to put your name in the spotlight and get on TV.”  We’re not sure if Teresa means Victoria or Jim here. 

But Victoria Gotti is firmly standing her ground on what she was told by Rino.  Her rep Steve Honig shared with us,  “Victoria genuinely feels bad about how this has all unfolded, however stands by her statements 100 percent. It would probably be a good idea for Teresa to stop talking about this because she’s only bringing more attention to what has to be a very painful situation for her.”

Do you think Rino and Teresa are protesting too much?  Who do you believe in this case?  And can someone tell me WHY it’s suddenly all Jim’s fault (although he’s apparently going to be the one to bring it up in Florida next week) and nobody mentions Victoria Gotti?  She’s like Voldemort at this point!  Nobody can speak her name!

You can read the full interview with the twins, Bobby and Rino at OK!

Photos by Bravo TV