Photos – Joe Giudice STILL Deciding Between Plea Deal And A Trial From The Court Room In Identity Fraud Case!

Joe Guidice entering Superior Court In Paterson New Jersey

Oh, Joe Giudice – will you never learn: you fought the law and the law won (again and again and again!). Despite the fact that he is literally standing in front a judge right now, the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star is still not prepared to make a decision in his identity fraud case. Lord these Giudices are so disorganized! 

Joe is back in a Passaic County courthouse today as a last-ditch effort to arrange a plea deal in his identity fraud case. He previously rejected a few of them in favor of going to trial to prove he’s innocent (HAHAHAHAHA!) despite prosecutors revealing they have very, very convincing evidence against him. The latest plea deal offered by prosecutors gives Joe the opportunity to run his 41 month federal sentence concurrently with his state sentence, but witnesses from court reveal that Juicy is insisting he’s innocent and wants a trial. 

The crux of the issue for Joe is that if he accepts the plea deal he won’t legally be able to drive while he awaits his turn to serve time as his license will be suspended for up to 18 months. However IF Juicy goes to trial, he could wind up with the maximum sentence of 10 years. Hmmm, let’s break this down in simplistic terms: 18 months of being trapped in the house with Milania (#GimmeTheKeysYouOldTroll) vs. 10 years of being trapped in prison with… 


Joe will be at home with his four daughters while Teresa Giudice serves her 15 month sentence, and Juicy apparently feels he needs to be able to transport his children to activities and school. Joe has had a lot of issues with driving – he lost his license to a DUI in 2011, and then used his look-a-like brother Pete’s identification to nab a fake one at the DMV. Except then Pete got pulled over and the photos on the IDs didn’t match up.  Oops! Foiled again, Juicifers! 

Here’s what’s gone down so far in court: First Joe rejected the plea deal, which would allow him to plead guilty to the lesser crime of wrongfully using the identification of another. Under the fourth-degree charge the plea deal would offer Joe 18 months incarceration, concurrent, which means he would not serve additional time once released. If he goes to trial he will be fighting a second-degree charge of wrongful impersonation. 

The prosecutors and Judge Adam Jacobs consider this a “generous” deal, but Joe being a Giudice always wants more, more, more! (despite not deserving it) and was insistent he wants to go to trial. Joe’s attorney Miles Feinstein says his client believes he is innocent and therefore does not need the plea deal. 

“You’re making a momentous decision,” the judge lectured. “There’s no going back after this.” After letting that sobering thought sink in (was Juicy sober?! He apparently wasn’t the last time), Juicy asked for more time to make his decision and court reconvened until 2:30 pm. Teresa is not present at court with Joe. 

The funniest part –’s videographer had a personal interaction with Juicy outside the courthouse. Juicy reportedly told him “If you don’t get out of my face, I’m gonna kick every one of yous in the head.” That’s our Juicy #NeverChange 

No word on whether or not RHONJ cameras were also capturing the drama! I bet they were… #SpinOff #JuicyGoesSolo We’ll keep you posted on the updates. Thank you, as always, for the intrepid and spot on coverage of Giudice Antics Olympics 2014. 

Above, Juicy heads into court – WEARING JEANS! WTF?!

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