Leah Calvert Tweets “Blessed” Thoughts About Her Family And Jeremy Calvert; A Very Interesting And Timely Blind Item!

Leah Calvert cheating on Jeremy

Leah Calvert, who has been accused of cheating on her second husband and being addicted to opiates, wants us to believe her family is intact. She’s been all ‘happy, happy, joy, joy, nothing to see here’ on Twitter. Yesterday, the Teen Mom 2 star tweeted, “It’s such a beautiful day, & I’m so blessed to be able to spend it with my family! I [heart] you Jeremy Calvert!!!”


This, just one week after Jeremy took to Twitter to accuse Leah of cheating on him with Robbie Kidd, announce he was filing for divorce and seeking custody of Baby Cheetos, and throw her decision to waste away his ability to financially support her (unlike her loser boy toy) in her orange face. “LMFAO,” he wrote. “You sure made a good choice. He can’t buy you a Big Mac.”


A few bloggers read Leah‘s tweet and assumed Jeremy took her back. I beg to differ. Jeremy neither retweeted nor replied to Leah’s tweet. In fact, Jeremy doesn’t even follow Leah anymore, and his Facebook relationship status is still set to ‘divorced’. A follower called Leah’s bluff, tweeting, “Obviously you are still on drugs because he is at work!”

Last week, Leah‘s own not-very-bright sister, Victoria Messer, outed the fact that Jeremy hasn’t been happy in the marriage. If he’s been covering for Leah, as he claimed, and trying to get out of the marriage for a long time, as Victoria stated, why would he take her back now that he has two legit reasons to file for divorce?!? Nice try, Leah, but a reconciliation makes no sense.

Robbie denied the affair – to Radar Online – who is notorious for PAYING for scoops no matter if they are TRUE or FALSE. “Nothing has happened between Leah and I,” insisted trust worthy Robbie. Interestingly.. Crazy Days and Nights printed this blind item the next day:

“This D- lister got a nice double payout this week. One check from a tabloid and one from the B+ list reality star on a long running MTV franchise who gave him some money for taking her side in a rumor. Probably going to be a week long bender for him with that kind of money.” 


Photo Credit: MTV