bethenny frankel on the view october 2014

Bethenny Frankel is returning to Real Housewives Of New York for the now filming 7th season, but the veteran Housewife promises she’ll be doing things differently this time!

Bethenny is back to hawking her Skinnygirl wares as if this was 2010 and the last four years of spinoffs, big business breaks, marriages, pending divorces, babies, failed talk shows and failed Skinnygirl products never happened. Bethenny is currently promoting a Skinnygirl cocktail book because um… you need that if you’re fancier than buying her bottled mixed drinks. 

This week Bethenny appeared on The View where she seemed nervous, tongue-tied, and a bit jittery over being confronted about her major lifestyle change (i.e. how the mighty has fallen). She also promoted her new book Skinnygirl Cocktails. “It’s a great little guide,” she quipped. “All the drinks are under 150 calories.” 


Speaking about her decision to return to reality TV, Bethenny says her perspective has always been, “If I’m going to do this I have to be completely honest.” <side eye> And that was what she initially enjoyed about RHONY. “It felt good to just be honest. And it is liberating. And it is freeing, but I did bite off a little more than I could chew,” she reflected. Bethenny took bites of something?! 

“This is the job that… I chose,” Bethenny sighed (and seemed really unhappy to admit this). “And I have gotten burned – a lot. But, don’t hate the player, hate the game.” 

Changing her tune after years of disparaging RHONY, Bethenny admitted, “Bravo and reality TV have been really great to me. When I started I was totally financially, professionally, emotionally insecure… And I had so many amazing experiences and met so many people.” Trying to convince herself of why she returned, Bethenny insisted, “I do like the connection. Being flawed and going through difficult times is really what has connected me to the audience.” 

“Having a relationship on television can be a little bit gnarly,” Bethenny did admit. And that seems to be something we won’t be seeing from her again. Although Bethenny assures us that doesn’t mean she’ll stop being honest about her life, which is why she stopped doing media. Um… When? When Jason slapped her with a gag order

Speaking of the marriage that propelled her into her own spinoff, Bethenny revealed is that she is STILL legally married to Jason Hoppy and their divorce has not been finalized. “I’ve been dating. I’m still married. I’m still going through a transition – going through a divorce in public has been difficult – and I’m definitely coming out on the other side. It felt… badly.” 

Bethenny talked about the slippery-slope of hosting a talk show without talking about her personal life, and you could tell she feels bummed that she is now back in the guest chair instead of the hostess one. “I was not good at it,” she acknowledged of hosting her now canceled show. 

Moving on, Bethenny has decided with her return to Housewives it’s also time to return to her roots a diet and cocktail maven. So she’s now in the blender business! The colorful Skinnygirl by Bella blenders will hit the market for $24.99 and be available on QVC starting November 9th. 

“Housewares is the perfect fit for Skinnygirl,” Bethenny told the NY Post. “Appliances in your home should encourage a healthy lifestyle, be practical, innovative and easy to use for people on the go.” Right – and who the hell buys this stuff?! Seriously?!

Oh my… something tells me Sonja Morgan, of the Mythical Toaster Oven Morgans, isn’t going to be too happy about this! I mean, where has her appliance been on RHONY all these long seasons? Maybe Bethenny can business coach her! 

Confession time! I can’t imagine what it must feel like for Bethenny, who left RHONY, and considered herself “up there” above Housewives after landing her own spinoff, a giant business deal, and finally a talkshow,  to then have to slink back to Andy, tail between her legs, and return to RHONY where she will once again be hawking her wares as a single gal. 

Except this time Bethenny is even worse off because of the horrid divorce from Jason where she attempted to secure sole custody of Bryn (in a move Jason said was an attempt for Bethenny to use Bryn to further her business endeavors). Since Bethenny initially left the show she has insulted RHONY every chance she could, comparing her experiences to surviving a war zone and other such disparaging portrayals, despite the fact that the show was responsible for Bethenny’s catapulting success.

Bethenny played to our sympathies about what she went through in her childhood, on Housewives, and attempted to do the same thing in painting her marriage as extremely negative. Since then Bethenny’s public image has been tarnished and she is far from her heyday where the public rooted for her to succeed and find her happily ever after. Now many see that Bethenny’s MO is Bethenny. And while she is amusing, and witty, and fun in small doses, many don’t trust her. 

Bethenny finds herself in a real uphill battle to salvage the image that her own hubris destroyed. I personally don’t think she can ever get it back. Do you? She is a hustler, who still has fans, but I do not think she’ll ever be able to regain the level of public support she has taken for granted.


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