My Five Wives Recap – Diabetes And Double Date Night

 brady williams

On last night’s My Five Wives, Brady Williams hopes in vain that his business will turn around, the family tries to rekindle relationships with their birth families, Rhonda’s son has a health scare which forces her to make a big decision, and the awkward double dates continue.

Rhonda gets ready for another long day at work, saying her kids miss her during her 12-hour shifts as a medical assistant, but that she loves her job. Nonie is busy taking care of her own brood and a couple of Rhonda’s kids while she also works in Brady’s office. According to Nonie, all of the wives work in and out of the home. Not sure we’ve seen concrete evidence of this yet.

Family meeting time. Brady is still hoping more bids come in to his construction business so that none of his wives have to work outside the home anymore. Good luck with that, Brady. Rhonda is hesitant to quit her job, though, wanting to maintain her autonomy. The group revisits the “double date” idea, renaming it the “triple date” or the “mega date” or something equally ridiculous. Fourth of July is coming up and Robyn wants to invite their old friends & family over because she misses their larger community since they’ve left the Fundamentalist Mormon Church. Since breaking off from the church, Brady says people have basically shunned them. Rosemary misses their old circle – she comes from a family of 3 moms and 29 siblings. OMG.

Rhonda, Robyn, and Rosemary sit down to plan how they’ll invite their friends & family. They all feel like outsiders in their families of origin now, but as Rosemary says, families should be about more than religion. All of the wives begin making calls home to extend invites, but don’t get a warm reception from anyone.

Rhonda’s youngest son, Nicholas, comes down with a fever and Rhonda suspects he may be displaying signs of juvenile diabetes due to the widespread family history of the disease in her family. Brady takes Nick to the doctor and apparently cannot even figure out how to get the poor kid into his car seat. Really? REALLY? Nick gets blood drawn at the doctor’s office; now they just need to wait for the results. Brady takes Nick for ice cream afterwards because that’s what you do when you’re concerned your small child has DIABETES. I can’t even find the words for Brady’s complete incompetency as a human being right now.

It’s Rhonda’s night to do dinner (they seriously take turns cooking for 30 people?) so she sets up a fun “drive thru” window for the kids to order food. She’s a good egg. She asks about Nick’s appointment and Brady reports that Nick “really liked the ice cream afterward!” Rhonda – thank GOD – totally snaps at him for feeding the poor kid ice cream considering the fact that Nick may be at risk for diabetes. Brady sheepishly apologizes. If Rhonda quits her job, it will only be so that she can keep 100% watch over her kids so Brady can’t interfere with his buffoonish attempt at “fathering” them anymore.

Good news! Nick’s fever breaks the next day and the test results are in: his blood sugar levels are perfectly normal. Rhonda and Brady are relieved.

Here comes the random draw for the next double date – horseback riding. Robyn and Nonie will be the lucky *bachelorettes*. #yourenotlegallymarried Brady doesn’t seem too psyched about horseback riding, so he claims that Nonie shouldn’t go riding in case she might be pregnant. He suggests – I kid you not – laser tag as an alternative. What a prince. They settle on zip lining instead. Robyn is deadly scared of heights, but no one seems to care.

Breaking News: Rhonda tells Brady that she does indeed want to quit her job so she can be home for her kids. Nick’s health scare changed her mind. Brady is excited to hear this, but may not be too thrilled a few months from now when he declares bankruptcy. (Yes, I will be mentioning this tasty tidbit in EVERY recap.)

The zip lining double-triple-axle-date is upon us and Robyn is petrified. She cries her head off, then finally takes the plunge. She announces, “This is my worst nightmare.” Sooooo, the date is starting out in the romantic, intimate mood it’s intended to, right? She gets to the other side, unbuckles, drives home, packs her bags & kids, and leaves Brady forever. Just kidding! But, really, who would blame her if she did? Nonie zips down the line next with Brady bringing up the rear. Nonie and Robyn bond over their shared experience and both women seem to be more comfortable with each other than they do with Brady. Brady “cheers” to their bravery over some sparkling cider afterward while the group discusses their upcoming July 4th party. Everyone feels bad for Rosemary, who’s been rejected and shunned most severely by her family of origin ever since their split from the church.

Fourth of July is here. The wives wait for guests to arrive, but are unsure if anyone will actually show up. Rosemary looks miserable. Robyn’s family shows up. Rhonda’s family shows up. Paulie’s family shows up. Nonie’s family shows up. Rosemary’s family…doesn’t show up. Everyone tries to make the best of things and Rosemary manages her disappointment valiantly, but is visibly upset. She says her “real” family is Brady, her kids, & the other wives now, so she’ll have to be at peace with that. Rhonda claims she’s also at peace with quitting her job despite how much she loved it. Only time will tell how long these women will be at peace with all of this.    

Recap Author: Erin M.


Photo Credit: TLC