Leah Calvert And Jeremy Calvert Working On Their Marriage; Is Leah Headed To Rehab?

Teen Mom 2 Leah Calvert

I imagine Leah Calvert and Jeremy Calvert‘s decision to work on their marriage went a little like this: they touched hands while both reaching into the Cheeto bag at the same time. There were sparks – and Hot Cheetos were made. Then the Teen Mom 2 star dumped the bag out on the coffee table and instead of reading tea leaves to predict her future, she read Cheeto dust. It said Jerrrrr-meeee and Leah – FOR-EV-ER.

Then Leah realized she could highlight her hair using the neon orange Cheeto crumbles, and do a vow renewal at the Mingo County Community Center (real place y’all) or in Nitro, WV (real place, y’all!) and honeymoon at the Boones Farm Dispensary. Or you know, maybe she and Jeremy just started following each other on twitter again and changed their Facebook statuses from “Divorced” to “It’s Complicated” Both are equally insane ways to deal with a marital problems, amirate?! 


Apparently these are the times we’re living in – when teen pregnancies make you a celebrity and marriages are broken up and reignited through social media tropes. I am curious about what happened – Jeremy was all but on the courthouse steps, divorce papers in hand, when suddenly he’s giving Leah a fiftieth second chance? Whatever – Cheetos for all! 

OK, not so fast – apparently there’s something else Leah needs to deal with beside her second marriage, and nearly second divorce – and that is the reason she keeps getting divorced: Robbie Kidd! Leah can’t keep the Kidd out of her pants. But Leah isn’t just cheating with Robbie, she’s also buying drugs from him and abusing them quite heavily according to sources! 

Robbie has, again, denied cheating with Leah, telling a source that he actually is just the subject of small-town gossip and because he used to live with Leah’s brother Isaac, people started spreading rumors that he and Leah had hooked up while Jeremy was out of town working. Robbie says he’s too busy trying to stay sober and fix his life to deal with Messy-Messer’s Messitude. Furthermore he denies having anything to do with Leah’s alleged drugging. Robbie also insists he has never been paid to plant stories depicting Leah as an innocent victim entangled in a web of lies!

On to Leah reportedly abusing prescription medication at a seriously alarming level – family and friends are so concerned about Leah’s addiction they are staging an intervention to try and get her into treatment. Reportedly, Leah and Jeremy still haven’t signed their MTV contracts so cameras haven’t been capturing the drama, and therefore they haven’t done anything to help get Leah into a drug treatment center – yet.

Sources insist the network is getting involved because Leah is a viable asset to the TM2 brand. I mean, she and Jenelle Evans are basically the drama on that show – ain’t nobody sticking around for Kail Lowry‘s whine-a-thon, or Chelsea Houska‘s Adumb drama and baby-talkie. 

Leah’s not in a good place right now. She’s lost. Her friends think she needs rehab,” a source tells In Touch. “Leah loves her children If she thinks she’ll really lose them, she’ll probably go to rehab. And it may just come to that.” Corey Simms is reportedly in the process of suing Leah for full-custody of the twins Ali and Aleeah, but the thought of losing her daughters has Leah motivated to make some changes. 

A source states, “MTV would foot the bill. They’re as shocked about this as the fans and genuinely want her to get help.”

One person who thinks Leah is just fine – fine, fine, fine! – is Farrah Abraham. Ummm… cause she’s a viable source for judging competent mental states. She advises Leah to ignore treatment. 

“I’ve been to rehab and there’s a lot of people who don’t feel like they’ve gotten help there,” Farrah explains to Life & Style. “I think if Leah can make that change where she’s at, rather than going to rehabilitation, she’ll be stronger, she’ll be better.”

Maybe Leah and Jermy can just go on Couples Therapy, that also helped Farrah be better and stronger! 

My two cents: I think both Leah and Jeremy have signed those MTV contracts, which is why their relationship status is suddenly ‘It’s Complicated.” I think this season we’ll see them working on their marriage, Leah confronting the reality of her drug use -whether she is an addict and gets treatment, or isn’t, but getting therapy – and that we can expect to see them on Couples Therapy crying over how Jeremy never buys the right kind of Lunchables and Leah has to do everything!  (OK I added the Couples Therapy part). 


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