Kenya Moore Calls Out Phaedra Parks For Slandering Her Name; Phaedra Responds To Apollo Nida’s Confession

Kenya Moore blog

I had to resist the urge to write this post in all capital letters because I could not agree more with Kenya Moore‘s blog this week. So much so, I want to scream it! Sing it while twirling down the middle of a busy street! Send a copy of it to her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars! I will spare you the capital letters, but I can’t promise I won’t twirl here or there. #Kidding #NotCrazy #NotTwirling

Brandon is the funny to my bone and the little brother I’ve always wanted. He is my constant source of sunshine. His impersonations and jokes always have me in stitches. ‘Really B*tch‘ was inspired by all the hypocrites and contrarians that are verbose when it comes to maligning me. i.e., I’m a whore but I can’t get a man, I’m fake but two new Housewives got their boobs done this year, I paid a man to play my boyfriend but I’m broke,” shares Kenya. “These ridiculous oxymoronic statements never cease to amaze me as to how they would be spoken from anyone’s mouth.”


Kenya calls out Phaedra Parks for slandering her name. “If you are tired of the ‘Apollo and Kenya’ drama, imagine how I feel. This feud goes all the way back to a business deal gone bad. From that point on, Phaedra started to malign my character and drag my good name through the mud. According to her, I then became an alcoholic, bipolar, and broke. She added home wrecking whore to her list after I outed Apollo for texting me without her knowledge.”

“I was wrong for responding to Apollo’s text knowing Phaedra and I were not friends at the time or if people believed it was more. The texts were innocent and I have proven that, and I have apologized to Phaedra publicly many times. We all make mistakes. I can admit when I am wrong, apologize, and hopefully, never repeat the same behavior.”

Kenya reiterates that she never – ever, ever, ever – met up with Apollo Nida in L.A. and she sure as hell never offered him fellatio, adding, “I have never wanted Apollo, never offered him sexual favors.”

Phaedra has called me a whore 99 different ways. As I stated, I may be a lot of things, but I have never been anyone’s whore. Even if she chose to believe her husband, she never checked his story out before publicly slandering and defaming me. As a lawyer herself, I was appalled she would behave in such a way. Apollo clearly has the propensity to lie. With that said, Phaedra chose not to even speak to me about it at all, prohibiting me to even have a response, prove my innocence, or defend myself. Yet, she was more than willing to go to the media to spread this fictitious story. Imagine how I felt having my family or 5-year-old nieces ask my why I would do something like that?”

Wait, what? HA! I have to call out Kenya for the five-year-old nieces comment. Five-year-old girls read Pinkalicious and Fancy Nancy. HAHA! I highly doubt they’re reading Real Housewives gossip blogs. But hey, if they are at five years old, they should tutor Porsha. #SideJob #FutureEntrepreneursOfAmerica

“The same people who do the most talking and the most damage fall silent when they are proven wrong. The negative headlines become global when it’s something negative. Yet, when the truth is revealed, no one has anything to say. Porsha stated on WWHL she believed ‘something happened,’ NeNe stated I lied to Phaedra on the recent WWHL episode, and Kandi stated that she ‘looked at me differently’ but would never say why. Do I deserve an apology? Yes, without question. Will I get one? Have I ever?”

Phaedra‘s response to Apollo‘s confession: “I was unmoved. Right now, I am completely focused on my children and keeping them, and myself for that matter, in a stable, healthy, and happy place. I am not paying attention to any of the chaos that is going on, because it’s not productive.”

Color me not surprised. Phaedra vilified Kenya for years – that was worthy of her precious time, huh? – but now that her rotten huzzzzband admitted that he lied, she can’t be bothered? But something tells me if the episode had revealed something bad about Kenya, she’d feel moved and she’d be paying attention.


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