My Five Wives Recap: Lifestyle Changes


On last night’s My Five Wives, Rosemary Williams tries to kick-start a weight loss program, Paul leads his brothers in a ploy to prank Brady Williams, and Brady willingly moves into a Dog House.

Rosemary’s daughter Taylor is heading on a service trip to Peru and both mom and daughter are preparing for missing each other badly. Rosemary crocheted a square of “kisses & hugs” for Taylor to take with her in case she feels homesick and both of them cry when she gives it to her. Their tight bond is obvious. Will anyone miss Brady? No mention of him so far. So, no.


Brady is back at work after his 10-day Seattle vacation and is stressed. His full plate is “fuller,” he says. His brother Jared suggests that Brady meditate in his Man Cave. Cut to Brady’s Man Cave, which looks more like a Man Cabin or Man Shed made entirely of Lincoln Logs. Basically it looks like where murder, not meditating, happens. Jared does not suggest that Brady file bankruptcy, but since we all know that’s what will happen, I can only assume the Man Cave meditating did not bode well for business.


Meanwhile in a huddle under the family trampoline, Nonie’s son Paul is leading the boys in a plan to prank Brady. Paul (per last episode) is the voice of reason and, apparently, the arm of vengeance. Paul devises a plan to suspend Brady’s phone and keys in a tub of jello. Since he won’t be able to carry out the mission himself, he conscripts 3 younger brothers into actually doing the deed. And just like that, Operation DGIT (Don’t Get In Trouble) is born.

Rosemary talks to all of the wives about the possibility of working out together. As the heaviest wife, Rosemary feels a low sense of self worth and wants to be healthier. The wives are all supportive, especially Paulie who wants to repair her damaged relationship with Rosemary. The group meets the next day to do some circuit training and yoga. Nonie begs off due to her morning sickness…and the theme of Nonie milking this pregnancy for all its worth begins. The wives discuss nutritional changes too, which involves stellar ideas like eliminating tortilla chips from their taco salads at dinner. #thisaintjennycraig

Later, Rosemary talks to Brady about her weight loss goals and he suggests hiring a trainer rather than working out with her or helping her IN ANY WAY personally, presumably because that would make is plate even fuller. And he has no room to work out in the Man Shed. There’s only enough room for 1-man meditating or 1-man bankruptcy filing in there.


Rosemary goes to see a trainer who starts her off with a weigh in: 262 lbs. He suggests a program of cardio, strength training, and a professional nutritionist, which is an improvement on the other 4 wives’ suggestions of no-chips-on-the-taco-salad. Rosemary feels hopeful that she’ll be able to reach her goals.

At family dinner that week, Karlie (Paulie’s pregnant daughter), suggests a family track & field day. Brady follows this suggestion up with his bright idea: He will be spending tonight in his Man Shed (I refuse to call that lean-to a cave). Rosemary interviews that Brady’s Man Shed is actually a glorified dog house. BURN! Go, Rosemary. Rhonda is miffed because Brady is blowing off his night with her for aforementioned dog house. Brady slinks off to his Shed, tells the kids to go away, then allows Rhonda to come in and sit on his lap for a glorious 5 minutes before kicking her out too. Whatta guy. At least a couple of the kids grab his phone and keys out of his Shed before he closes the door so Operation DGIT can launch. Can we vote that they suspend Brady in a vat of jello instead? He’d be just about as useful.

Operation DGIT is underway. In goes the phone, with one of the girls’ help – because NOTHING in this household can be accomplished without the help of a woman. The jello then goes into the fridge. Now, we wait.

Back at the Man Shed, Brady notices his keys and phone are missing. He finds them in the jello in the fridge and trudges back to his Shed muttering, “those kids.” Well, that was anti-climactic. The boys interview that their dad won’t get upset about the prank because he’s too busy. One son comments that all Brady does is, “Wake up, eat, say hi to every kid, go to work, come home, eat, and sleep…and go to the bathroom.” He forgot: go to Man Shed, act like Man Boy.


The next day, the 5 wives go out for tea and discuss the upcoming track & field day, which they’re now calling the decathlon. Nonie looks like she just sucked hard on a lemon, which is nothing new. They discuss the Man Shed situation, which all of them find ridiculous, but none of them really call Brady out on. They address the fact that Brady is tied to electronics most of the time they’re with him & they want more quality time. They devise a proposition under which Brady will only be allowed to use his phone/computer/iPad while in the Man Shed. Are they trying to get him in the Man Shed 24/7? #reversepsychology

A nutritionist visits Rosemary and her son, James. James rats out Rosemary’s bad eating habits while Rosemary defends her behavior, but remains open to suggestions.

Family Meeting time. Robyn proposes the wives’ idea about limiting electronics to the Man Shed and Brady says “okay.” He admits he needs to quit that habit anyway. Whoa! Rhonda then follows up by asking for a bigger allowance. Eww! Allowance for grown women!? Thank god a huge spider comes along and scares everyone to death so we can be relieved from this awkward talk of allowances among multiple grownup spouses.

At Rosemary’s house later, she writes down her workout and nutrition plans for the week while her kids eat ice cream ALL AROUND HER. Not cool, kids. She eats carrots instead.


The day of the decathlon is upon us and the kids participate in a bevy of crab crawls, fast walks, long jumps, and blahblahblah. Where’s the “who can marry the most people in the least amount of time” contest?? Or “who can tear down the Man Shed with his/her bare hands” contest? The day ends with the healthiest activity of all: a pie eating contest. Apparently, Brady won his share of pie eating contests back in the day (seriously). Think about it.

Recap Author: Erin M.


 Photo Credit: TLC