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They’re on, they’re off – they’re like Hot Cheetos – they burn your mouth and are a zillion calories but you just can’t quit the little suckers! Leah Calvert and Jeremy Calvert are on and off again, like a light switch! But Leah has found one man who will stay consistent in her life: Jesus! Can I get an Amen?!

According to sources, with her latest marital and drug troubles Leah is asking: “What Would Jesus Do?” Leah has been going to church lately to get in touch with her faith. I guess now that she’s done with Teen Mom 2, the girl’s gotta do something! 

Leah apparently blames herself (finally!) for driving Jeremy to leave her, so she’s looking to the Lord for guidance. “She’s started going to a church that embraces forgiveness and recovery,” a source reveals. “She’s determined to make a complete turnaround.” 


Witnesses report to In Touch Weekly that Leah has been attending Sissonville Community Church in Charleston, West Virginia, where the pastor is a recovering addict. She was also seen attending a sermon that focuses on substance abuse. “He said that bad habits like drugs, sex and alcoholism can be broken when one finds Jesus. Leah was nodding her head in agreement the entire time,” says a fellow-attendee who spotted Leah “It seemed to really hit home for her.”

You know, good for her. I’m not gonna snark Leah for this – the girl does need guidance and it seems like her life is in a rough spot, so good for her for seeking some help. Apparently Jeremy is also impressed with his wife making changes, because although they are separated he’s hesitated on filing for divorce!

“They’ve been having problems for a while now, and Leah cheating in October was the final straw,” a source explains, clarifying that despite rumors Jeremy has not served Leah with divorce papers. 

Leah recently posted one of her infamous cryptic tweets alluding to Jeremy

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 11.10.33 AM

With Leah now admitting that her actions are responsible for breaking up their marriage, Jeremy is considering forgiveness. “She always thought she’d be able to win him back. The fact that she can’t has made her a total mess,” the insider shares with Rumor Fix. “She’s hit rock bottom. Leah wronged Jeremy and now she’s begging for his forgiveness.” 

As of right now Jeremy isn’t sure what to do, but he is considering giving Leah another chance. They “are working on things and have not gave up,” a source insists. 

I dunno Jeremy – RUN, boy, RUN! 


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