Ramona Singer Says Real Housewives Of New York Helped Her Grow As A Businesswoman; Confirms She’s Opening A Restaurant!

Housewives of NYC Premiere Party

Ramona Singer was one of the original Housewives to use the reality TV platform to build her businesses and her brand. The veteran Real Housewives Of New York star, who signed on for a 7th season amid her divorce from Mario Singer, credits reality TV for giving her the opportunity to really grow as a businesswoman! Not only that she revealed her plans to open a restaurant are still going forward! 

“The concept of the show is to follow us in our day-to-day lives, often involving participation in charity events in and around New York or in the Hamptons. To most people, that may seem like nothing but one party after the other, but in reality, there are strong, solid business connections being made at these events,” Ramona shares.


Ramona points out that on RHONY, at least originally, most of the ladies came from an established background they had been cultivating for years – and that working on the show gave her new ideas for businesses – and these conversations can then be incorporated into the storyline, which will be aired by Bravo, and used as a focus group and built-in advertising platform.

“The benefit to being on a network television show has opened new doors for me over the years,” says Ramona. “Not just in professional networking via people I have met on the show, but by broadening my potential client base as well.” 

“This group of successful business people like Sonja with her toaster ovens, this circle of successful entrepreneurs (not just socialites as some may think of us) are always bouncing new ventures and ideas off one another and looking to expand into new arenas,” Ramona continued. “The added bonus of knowing that the network will air footage of us in action is often a huge draw in securing the right people at the right place at the right time.” Hence the birth of Ramona Pinot, or the rechristening of Ramona Singer to her given name “Pinot Fabulous” 

Ramona primarily credits the viewers and fans for the success of her business growth. “I’m not saying that without the show I wouldn’t have been able to successfully launch my wines with Opici or my skin care line, but by having a presence on the show, I have reached a much larger demographic,” Ramona acknowledges. 

“The show has loyal viewers who over the years have become loyal fans, and in turn, loyal customers,” Pinot explains. “Clearly, the conversion of fans/viewers to potential clients and customers is the biggest asset being on the show has provided over the years in terms of retention of customers.” I really am curious to see some metrics from these business ventures – not just Ramona’s but all the Housewives – are these products truly lucrative or are the endorsement deals the ladies sign what brings the money? I really would love to know how to come by this information! 

As for how her behavior on reality TV could affect her credibility, Ramona insists people understand that drama on reality TV is different from real life. “The network (all networks) seek ratings. That’s their goal. That is their business, and as we all know in reality television, drama sells,” Ramona tells Entrepreneur.com.

“I am not concerned that the network will directly affect my businesses nor my brand,” Ramona insists. “And in the case that something were to be affected by it, I am confident that I can turn it around into a strength and not a weakness.” 

“There are times that I don’t agree with the way that I am portrayed on the show, but I have always known what I was getting involved with, and ultimately, you have to take the bad with the good,” Ramona concedes. “I think in every industry, not just entertainment, that you have to be concerned with reputation management.”

Whatever the case, Ramona believes her work ethic combined with a good team and quality products can override “some negativity here and there” from RHONY. 

Speaking of which, Ramona says this season, despite personal life drama, viewers can expect to see the same “crazy, love-able” Pinot. Furthermore, she is still going forward with plans to open her own restaurant – part of which will be featured on the show. “I have a new business partner that wants to open a restaurant with me to showcase the Ramona Wines I have with Opici. We are looking at locations in Midtown East right now,” Ramona gushed. 


[Photo Credit: DJDM/WENN.com]