Apollo Nida Will Fight Phaedra Parks For Money In Their Divorce!


Apollo Nida is a man scorned –  which is amusing considering he did the scorning – and promises he will fight Phaedra Parks for money when she files for divorce!

Issuing what sounds like a threat or at the very least a warning, Apollo swears he will not allow Phaedra to leave him with nothing when their marriage legally ends. “I will not walk away empty-handed, considering all I’ve put into the marriage over the five years,” Apollo seethes.

All Apollo put in to the marriage? Let’s recap: the lies, the cheating, the breaking the law, the destroying their family, embarrassing his wife and children, the lies about Kenya, and the fact that Phaedra could also be on the hook for his millions in restitution if they stay married? Oh yeah, he really put a lot into this marriage!


Despite all of that, the incarcerated Real Housewives Of Atlanta insists he is owed compensation.  “That is completely fair, I think. It wouldn’t be right for her to just take everything and leave me with nothing to come home to.” Meanwhile, Phaedra is working to support their two children while he’s locked up! Sounds about right. 

Apollo has been on a smear campaign against Phaedra ever since she learned he did in fact break the law and she distanced herself from him, refusing to even appear at his sentencing. A source told us she is humiliated and heart-broken and will not be visiting him during his 8-year prison stint. Despite Apollo spreading rumors that his wife cheated on him, he still expects her to be loyal, forgiving, and work on their marriage

Apollo says he too is hurt by Phaedra, who has not brought their sons to visit him in prison. “I can’t see why she would continue to hurt me by not allowing me to see my boys,” he complains to In Touch Weekly. “This isn’t right.”

“If I don’t see my children for eight years, that would be some bulls—, and I would fight for that right! Who in their right mind would allow children to be away from their father for eight years, regardless of where the father is at in the world?” Apollo wonders. A source told us Phaedra is considering allowing her mother to bring Ayden to visit Apollo in prison. 

Phaedra has not gone through with filing for divorce yet, but her rep has maintained that she will definitely be doing so. Apollo has threatened to write a tell-all about Phaedra and their marriage if she does in fact file, but let’s be realistic – of course she’s gonna divorce him. And of course he’s not gonna get anything. It’d be superfluous anyway as the government would seize it! 

Phaedra, Phaedra, Phaedra… what on earth were you thinking marrying Apollo?! Meanwhile from behind bars, Apollo has continued to work on his fitness company Nida Fitness, launching a challenge to help people get in shape over the internet. Well, at least he’s being productive, right?! 


[Photo Credits: Bravo]