Kail Lowry Kicked Out Of An NFL Game For Being Drunk And Rude?

kail lowry kicked out of NFL game for being drunk and rude?

Kail Lowry doesn’t get out much or something. Kail and husband Javi Marroquin went to a Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles game at Lincoln Financial Field this weekend where Kail decided to get down with Cowboys and completely deck herself out in the garb. 

Once inside the stadium some sort of mess went down between the Teen Mom 2 star another person in the stands and Kail was kicked out of the stadium for unruly behavior.

A person named Courtney who works for LFF Stadium tweeted about the incident and claimed Kail was wasted and acting trashy, so security was forced to kick her out of the game. Kail and Javi say she didn’t have anything to drink but was having fun when fans started insulting her Cowboys gear, and security then “disrespected” them and invading her privacy. 


Kail said a “season ticket holder” started screaming obscenities at her because a friend from another row came to socialize with them, which resulted in an argument between her friend and the other attendee, who then had security called. Kail claims she tried to remain uninvolved, and her friend was moving back to his seat, but then a lady behind her muttered, “Go have another f–king baby!” Kail admits she responded with “Go f–k yourself!” to the woman.

The security guard who was present, named Steven, told her, “You’re out” and yanked her from her seat. Kail maintains he wouldn’t listen to her account of what happened nor did he ask the lady behind her to leave, which Kail deemed unfair. Kail also says the guard also told her he was a cop but wouldn’t show her his badge. 

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Kail continues, “When I was trying to explain myself he got in my face and Javi and friend both asked him to stop screaming at me and handling a woman like that.” Kail says she was compliant with the officer and waited in the basement to give her info, but they would not permit her to leave the stadium because they said she was drunk. Then a female security guard began taking pictures of Kail with her phone for no reason. 

Kail says she actually drove herself home and was not intoxicated at all, just upset that she had been kicked out, manhandled, and wasn’t allowed to leave, so she tweeted about her negative experience.  However a woman named Courtney who is employed by the stadium took to twitter and insists Kail was “ratchet,” drunk, unruly, and unable to drive home because she was too wasted.

Wanting people to understand that she is upset about “The female employees taking pictures of me while I was in the holding area and tweeting false and defamatory things about me,” Kail wrote in her blog about the incident. Kail added,”Didn’t even have a sip of alcohol, might I add.” 

Kail says she has contacted the stadium about the incident to complain about the employees treatment of her, but also employees tweeting about the incident afterwards and identifying her by name. 


“I’m not justifying my reaction to the girl. Because in retrospect, I should have just smiled at her and not let it bother me,” Kail concludes. “But I’ve never experienced someone actually being rude TO MY FACE like that.” The rudeness – oh the level of rudeness. Why she never?Funny, because Kail is the rudest person like ever! 

And guess what?! An eyewitness has come forward stating that it was Kail who was rude to the woman first, thus starting the whole incident! The witness claims Kail was pissed at other fans for having her friend thrown because he was standing in the aisle talking and blocking people’s views.

When security came to ask him to move back to his section, Kail started screaming obscenities at fans a few rows back. “While security was there [Kail] turned around and begin [sic] dropping a whole slew of f bombs and aholes,” reports alltheteenmoms. “Unfortunately the security guard was literally standing next to Teen Mom when she began cursing out the people a few rows behind her.” 

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Well, well quite varying accounts


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 Kail lowry and friends at NFL game before she was kicked out.