Kingsley’s Previous Trainer Says Kim Richards Registered “Dangerous” Dog In Another Name, Hasn’t Paid

kim richards snuggles dog kingsley

It seems the saga of Real Housewives of Beverly HillsKim Richards and her pitbull Kingsley isn’t over yet.  Kyle Schwab of Smashface Rescue shared on Facebook this week that he tried hard to help Kim with her dangerous dog, but she’s gone radio silence, even on the money she owes him.  

When a commenter asked Kyle (Schwab, not Richards..just for clarification) this week if he was ever able to help Kingsley, he shared that despite trying his hardest, it was a futile effort.  “Kingsley never showed up the next Wed morning after I worked with him and made room. I believe I was his only hope. Even though he tried to kill me. I thought he was workable and was going to do a joint custody thing where he was with me during filming for the safety of the staff and crew.  And or I would maintain him on set (off camera) during filming days.” 

Kyle makes it very clear that Kingsley is the most dangerous dog he’s ever worked with – and that’s saying a lot for a guy who specifically deals with these “bully breeds.”  Kyle shared, “I will tell you he is the most dangerous dog I have worked with in terms of his level of aggression. I’ve trained more dangerous dogs like Neos and Corsos. But I have never experienced such a willingness and drive towards humans as Kingsley. One trainer was attacked, one was unable to enter the house, one FaceTimed Kim and was unwilling to enter the house.”  But he was able to at least get inside and do some work, although Kim refuses to pay him now.  “I walked in and worked with him and Kim for four hours.  I’ll be seeing them in court after the new year for non payment. ” 


Kyle says that he has been removed from Kim’s house, but that they’ve registered him under a new owner’s name so that his history doesn’t “follow him”.  Yikes!  “He has been removed from the house and according to Kim herself. The trainers at the boarding/training facility where he’s at are unable to approach him.  After that. Radio silence. They will not return my calls, texts, or emails.  They have now registered the dog in someone else’s name thinking the bite history won’t follow him.” 

He also says he’ll have his day in court with the entitled reality star.  Kyle slammed Kim for the nonpayment, “He a dangerous dog in the hands of the wrong people and I will get paid for my work.  I have all the documentation, pictures, texts, and videos.  Interesting that coming to the end of the year my only two outstanding invoices are celebrities. Or in this case. A wanna be.  Can you say entitled?” 

He also says that Kim isn’t capable to deal with Kingsley.  “Kim is not emotionally or physically capable of handling this dog.  It will strike again. It’s not if. It’s when. Unless they just keep it in the $6,000 cage Bravo built in her backyard. I’m not going to put my life in danger and not get paid.  It’s principle. Not the money. Where there’s risk. There’s reward. Until you deal with entitled celebrities.” 

Well, Kim is clearly taking the Yolanda Foster route of not giving up and kicking him to the curb.  I think it’ll bite both of them in the ass. 


Thanks to our reader for the tip.  😉

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