brandi glanville tries to make amends with lisa vanderpump

Hey guys – Brandi Glanville doesn’t like people who hold grudges, which is why she’s been whining about Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes for the last zillion years. Ok, Ok… maybe an unfair example, but what I really mean is Brandi doesn’t like people who hold grudges against her for her bad behavior. So basically she doesn’t like being held accountable, so stoppit Lisa Vanderpump!

All Brandi wants for Christmas is for Lisa to show up at her Housewarming Party way out in the valley, which is a place Lisa hasn’t been since 1977 when after partying with the Rolling Stones they got lost searching for Keith Richards’ sanity. It happens. Anyway, Lisa has never managed to find her way back there again and for that reason, Brandi accuses her of holding onto anger and blaming her for everything. OMG! 

This week the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills attended a soiree at Kyle Richards which was masquerading as a casual BBQ, or the way ‘Look how rich I am Kathy Hilton!’ Kyle throws a BBQ (without Coors Light, hot dogs, or chips & dip, which is how ‘Look How Not Rich I Am World!’ me throws a BBQ). Brandi expects us to believe she had fun pestering Lisa all over the smallest house in BH. 


Kyle’s BBQ was next with everyone having a pretty good time. It was a very nice party. Yo was looking perfect as always. Meeting Eileen was fun and talking about Days was fun, too. Yes, I was a fan back in the day. Once we sat down, Kim’s old acting stories about faking tennis on Magnum, P.I. were the best.”

Now comes the awkward part, when Brandi’s fangirl act left meta and entered The Lisa Zone. “Lisa V. and Ken were there, and despite the awkwardness, it was really nice to see them again. You could probably tell how uncomfortable I was feeling,” Brandi shares.

And of course, that was all Lisa’s fault too. I’m beginning to think Eddie leaving Brandi was also Lisa’s fault – do you think he cheated with her too?! “You can also see, I tried. Hard. It was a bit awkward, but I did try my best to put the past behind us,” Brandi continues. “Obviously this is going to take some time! Kyle said it best: ‘Lisa likes to hold on to grudges.’ Again, Kyle said that, not me!”

While Brandi’s RHOBH blog is all let’s make nice, her behavior tells a different story (hello – passive aggressive Christmas tweets!). Perhaps Yolanda is wrong and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

“I don’t enjoy power plays, holding on to anger or grudges. I prefer peace, apologies, amends, and moving on,” says Brandi. Here’s the thing: when BRANDI does something wrong, she expects “apologies, amends, and moving on.” When Brandi feels she’s been wronged, she expects: “power plants, holding on to anger or grudges.” With Lisa I think it’s pretty much what you see is what you get: be a good friend, I’m a good friend back. Be a bad friend, I’m out.  

Brandi continues, “Life is hard enough without making it harder. Maybe relationships change but definitely trying for a peaceful coexistence is what I’m striving for at this point in my life. That said, moving forward doesn’t involve me constantly kissing a**. I won’t do that. Relationships have to be equal, right?”

Right – relationships do have to be equal, Brandi, which means you should trust the people you’re dating (not stalk them) and be a decent friend to the people who basically gave you your reality TV career (not accuse them of some bogus tabloid lie story to cover your own desperate grasping ass – a job your skirts can’t even accomplish, I might add!). 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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