Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Vanderpump Reacts To Brandi Glanville’s Latest Antics!

Lisa Vanderpump

I don’t know about you, but I am still reeling–REELING!–from Brandi Glanville’s behavior on this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I’ve always loved Lisa Vanderpump, and up until she got too big for her britches last season, I enjoyed Brandi and what appeared to be her genuine friendship with Lisa. I was duped, y’all!

The addition of Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson was enough to make this three plus decades Days of Our Lives fanatic over the moon (I was watching in the womb…I’m not really that old 😉 ), but I didn’t realize I’d adore them on the show as much as I do. They are both such class acts, and I have to say, I wish Eileen had channeled her inner Kristen DiMera when Brandi’s chardonnay hit her square in the face. She, my friends, is a class act. Not surprisingly, Lisa agrees with me. 

Addressing the situation with Brandi in her Bravo blog, Lisa begins, “Hello to all of you. As I sit here with a bit of a cold, I am trying to make sense of this complicated situation. Here goes…So we open with the decision made that I would meet, much to my husband’s chagrin, Brandi for lunch. Ken is fiercely loyal, and as you saw in the flashbacks, he went out of his way, almost to his own detriment, to defend Brandi. He felt strongly that after last season she would no longer be in that position again. I believe what hurt him the most was when Yolanda [Foster] intimated he abused her, which the footage shows he clearly doesn’t. He wouldn’t, and he is a protector of women, so when Brandi tweeted, ‘A man should never put his hands on a woman’ (all in the master plan attempting to discredit him),he was extremely hurt and disappointed. Little incidents like these, including bankruptcy allegations, accumulated in his mind apart from all the footage we had seen, and I think, unfortunately for him, it is just too big to forget.”


Lisa laments, “If only life was as simple as being able to erase any wrongdoing by just saying I am sorry, what a world that would be. A world without consequences is not a world I would like to live in. We have to be accountable. That is our deterrent from bad behavior. Saying we were like her parents is strange to me, as she has also said she didn’t want to be my sidekick anymore. She said I mothered her too much, then I backed away from her. All I was trying to be was a friend.”

She explains, “Yes, I apologized for not informing Brandi that Scheana would be back of house in the kitchen at that party last year. All of the SUR staff were there, but as Scheana and Brandi had joined in at Pandora’s small sitdown lunch a few weeks earlier knowing each other would be present, I, in my infinite wisdom, believed that storm had passed. I do believe the lunch with Brandi was cathartic. I was well aware that there was nothing that could be said that could explain her vindictive actions last year. Also, if she truly believed all the negativity from last year,why would she want to reignite a friendship with me? And if she didn’t and she sincerely regretted the havoc that she wreaked, then there should’ve been a plethora of apologies. They weren’t forthcoming, so it wasn’t about moving forward, it was more about closure to me. Closure on the hurt that I had felt and anything from here on. I almost had an emotional detachment, preferring not to put my happiness in the hands of crazy.”

Discussing Yolanda’s party, Lisa continues, “So off I trot to Yolanda and David’s house. Ken decided to work, which was unusual for him to leave me alone, but I reassured him all would be fine. Ken is similar to me, and it had stung Yolanda saying David would never be around the likes of him last year, and he didn’t feel comfortable going to the house. I didn’t quite understand the sentiment when in Yolanda’s toast she said congratulations on opening PUMP (“Next time invite us”), so I muttered that it took place before the lunch that Yolanda and I had had, and I was in a different space then. But I was thankful that it didn’t become the topic of the conversation as I was alone and didn’t want to explain how Ken and I had felt at that time. Luckily it passed.”

Moving on to the Holy Schnikes portion of the show, I don’t know if Lisa is more appalled at Brandi’s totally ridiculous and inappropriate and not at all cutesy actions or Yolanda’s reaction to it. Lisa write, “To witness the wine hurled into her face was upsetting, and I am sure the look of hurt and humiliation on Eileen’s face, indicated as she started to cry, that she felt violated. So the first I heard from Eileen that Brandi had thrown a glass of wine I was mystified. What could provoke that kind of action? So are some of us held to a higher standard? I can’t imagine if I had thrown a glass of wine in somebody’s face, if I sat on the lap of someone’s husband in a short skirt, if I insulted a guest by criticizing the size of an engagement ring (which I couldn’t help but chime in to remonstrate her)…And then she attempts to talk about a vulgar act. If tables were turned, oooh wrath I would have to deal with…I feel when somebody has a knee-jerk reaction to a certain situation and maybe it is inappropriate, we can be chastised and learn from it, but provoking is a different thing. We can make excuses as Yolanda does, and say she is like a naughty child, but a naughty child acts out and needs guidelines. A naughty child is not 42 years old with two children herself. A naughty child is rewarded, though, by being the center of attention, which is exactly what has transpired. She has the floor…” Amen, VanderFabulous, amen. 

Lisa concludes, “To see Lisa and Eileen trying to make sense of the situation actually made me laugh. This season changes radically after this week. Relationships divide, and things get heated. Oh well, I trust you all had a Happy New Year. Keep watching…Until next week as always…Love, Lisa”

Keep digging your own grave, Brandi. At least you’ll have killer arms!


[Photo Credit: Michael Larsen/Bravo]