The Reason Teresa Giudice Didn’t Have A Visit From Her Family Yet

 teresa and joe giudice celebrate 15 year anniversary

There have been daily stories since Teresa Giudice entered prison last Monday to serve her fifteen month sentence.  The media has been dissecting everything from what her beauty routine will be to what Joe is doing every waking moment while she’s gone.  Daily Mail even has photographers basically stalking every single move of Joe and their four daughters.  Outside their gate, at Gia’s cheer competition, everywhere.

Last weekend many were wondering why Teresa’s family didn’t head off to visit her at Danbury and the answer is very simple. Our source dishes on the reasons why.   “Joe took Gia to her cheer competitions all weekend. Gia had competitions Saturday and Sunday. Teresa doesn’t want any disruption in their schedules to come visit her. She misses them terribly, but wants their life to be as normal as possible.”

Our source gives Joe props for doing a great job during his first week as a single dad to four girls.  “Everyone had their doubts about Joe but, he is doing a fantastic job caring for the girls. He has a handle on it and is really there for them. “

The Daily Mail tried to make it look like Joe was off running with friends, when it was actually Joe meeting up at the social club with his brother Pete.  “Joe is with his brother a lot and his sister in law helps with the kids as well. Teresa’s parents and Joe’s family are a constant source of love an support for Joe and the girls.” 

The girls are going to see their mom this weekend, “Joe will take the kids to see Teresa this weekend. They speak to her daily and Teresa is able to email.” 

There were other stories flying today that Bravo is leaning toward putting The Real Housewives of New Jersey on the shelf until Teresa gets out.  But we all know Bravo – they aren’t giving that info out just yet.  There’s no telling how this will all pan out over the next few months. 


Photo Credit: Instagram