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Dina Manzo

Dina Manzo is angry. The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum has a lot of brewing family turmoil. On the positive side, Dina is happily married to new husband, David Cantin. But the road to Dina’s happily ever after was plagued with ugly obstacles from her past. As you know, Dina and her sister, Caroline Manzo were cast on the inaugural season of RHONJ and both were married to brothers in the Manzo family.

According to urban legend, Dina joined Real Housewives to gain financial independence from Tommy Manzo so she could leave his allegedly cheating ass. Dina ultimately got what she wanted, but the demise of her nuptials came at a big price. Dina and David have both been victims of violent assaults and Tommy got popped for hiring the attacker(s). Big sissy Caroline went against her blood to protect her last name. Now the sisterly feud continues to boil as Dina checks Bravo for being “insensitive” during her difficult time.

Teresa Giudice

Finally some good news for Teresa Giudice in the legal department! Approximately 10 years (and two prison sentences) after she and Joe Giudice filed for bankruptcy they’re finally off the hook and their debts mostly expunged. Should we celebrate with some rancid Fabulicious wine?

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey star, who’s found solace in bodybuilding, returned to court last week and learned that a judge had finally dismissed her bankruptcy case! While this doesn’t mean Teresa and Joe are completely out of debt, TMZ reports that the majority of their financial obligations are no more. 

Teresa Giudice - Standing Strong Memoir

There’s never a dull moment in Teresa Giudice‘s life. Less than a year after being released from federal prison, Teresa suffered the tragic loss of her mother Antonia and the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star admits that nothing she’s endured has been harder than this. 

Teresa has been working through her grief with yoga and writing. She recently shared more details about her upcoming memoir, Standing Strong, which is about finding her way back to herself and figuring out how to handle not only Joe Giudice‘s prison sentence, but also her mother’s unexpected passing by finding zen and learning to rely on Joe and Melissa Gorga.

RHONJ Season 7 Finale

Teresa Giudice had another legal “Oops!” According to new court documents the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star is accused of violating probation for failing to report traffic citations. Lord, should the Giudices not drive

Court documents, filed by Teresa’s probation officer, accuse her of failing to let him know about the two traffic tickets she received, one last year and one last month, which violate her probation agreement. After serving a year in prison, you’d think she’d wise-up, but maybe she needs more ‘me time‘ for yoga?


Teresa Giudice with her mom and daughters

With Joe Giudice in prisonTeresa Giudice is abandoning her infamous Christmas Eve celebration – site of the infamous Sprinkle Cookie Mysteries! – for a new tradition with Joe and Melissa Gorga. Let’s hope some furtive fambly member doesn’t throw whatever cookies Teresa in the trash.

“Being home is just kind of going to be sad, so I didn’t want to be home,” explains Teresa, “because it’s just us.”



Teresa Giudice has a lot to explaining to do after the Real Housewives Of New Jersey reunion! She’s too good for a Ford?! Jacqueline Laurita called the FEDS on her?! Oh my…

In her blog Teresa clarifies why “Jacqueline is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

But first, the Ford comment! Teresa and Juicy actually currently OWN a Ford, so duh – she would drive one for sure! Especially since Juicy can’t legally drive. But exactly how many cars do these so-called bankrupt individuals possess?


Teresa Giudice

Teresa Giudice’s bankruptcy has been settled – and this time it’s for real! Or it will be in a month. This means Teresa and her imprisoned husband Joe Giudice are finally off the hook for the $13.5 million they owe creditors.

To be fair to the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star, that staggering number has been reduced since the original fraudulent filing way back in 2009 which led to both Teresa and Joe pleading guilty to financial fraud.


Jacqueline argues with Teresa - Again!

You know the old adage, It takes one to know one? That pretty much describes Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice to a tee!

On this week’s episode of Real Housewives Of New Jersey, Jacqueline and Teresa argued over whose bankruptcy is the worstest and who is the most very bad, awful friend.

In her blog, Jacqueline continues to insist that she is like totally operating in reality and is the speaker of the truth, and insists she’s really disappointed she and Teresa, again, found themselves rehashing the past “just like the good old days”!