Kyle Richards Never Scratched Brandi Glanville; Didn’t Feel Kim Should Leave With Brandi At Poker Night


Kyle Richards was in NYC tonight and in the clubhouse with Andy Cohen to dish on tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  She also shares what she knows about Yolanda Foster’s health issues.

Kyle starts off clearing up the wine tasting, “First of all, I had no idea there was going to be any wine tasting. I set up a massage for the girls and the hotel decided to go all out but I had no idea what we were doing other than a massage.”

Andy tells Kyle that Brandi Glanville was Tweeting that Kyle scratched her during their scuffle by the door.  “I never scratched her.  She grabbed my arm and I have bracelets that have spikes on them and when she grabbed my arm, that’s what she got.  I never scratched her.  I was not physically going after her, I was trying to stop her from taking my sister from me.”

Andy asks why Kim got mad between the bathroom and the pizza experience. “I have no idea and that’s what I was trying to find out.”

Andy plays a sneak peek of next week’s episode and asks Kyle what she thinks about Brandi’s accusation that she’s not there for Kim.  “She doesn’t know us, she’s not my family.  She has no history with us whatsoever. She does not know what she’s talking about. Only Kim and I know the truth.”

A caller asks if Kyle thinks Brandi has Kim’s best interests at heart? “No I do not. I did not think the best person to be with my sister that night was Brandi.”  Andy asks why.  “Obviously Brandi was drinking and I don’t think she was the best person to be with my sister that night.” 

What was Kyle’s first indication that Kim was not okay? What sign did she pick up on that us viewers might not have?  “I couldn’t either to be honest.  At first I was thinking she’s not in a great mood.  I really just didn’t know. I really had no idea what was going on.”  Andy says that she was upset by the time they went to the bathroom.  “I was upset and extremely uncomfortable between Brandi’s behavior and feeling like my sister was off, I just was very uncomfortable.  Eileen was being a very gracious host, she made all this effort, so I just wanted to bolt to the bathroom.”

Andy mentions that it seemed like Brandi and Kyle got along great in the limo, but asks if something happened between the two of them.  “She just turned on me like she does on everyone else.”

A caller asks if Kyle has been in touch with Yolanda Foster since she has had her relapse/backslide with her battle with Lyme disease. “We’ve been in contact a lot via text and email. She’s really struggling.  She’s actually in Singapore right now.  She was in Korea, she’s now in Singapore.  I’m just hoping she’s going to get better soon.” 

A caller asks what Kyle would’ve done in Eileen’s shoes the night Brandi flung the wine at her.  “On paper, I think I would’ve jumped across the table and done the same thing back.  but I’ve actually had her in my face and you know, she’s a lot taller than me, she’s a little more intimidating than I expected.  So, as you may see next week, you’ll see what I would do.”

Kyle won the poll of “Team Brandi or Team Kyle” by 76%. 

You can’t see it in the photo above, but Kyle has on a fun pair of sparkly heeled Gucci shoes and a revealing black dress from her store (I cannot remember the designer’s name). 


Photo Credit: Twitter