NeNe Leakes Clarifies Her Apology To Claudia Jordan On RHOA

NeNe Leakes

NeNe Leakes apologized to Claudia Jordan on Real Housewives of Atlanta this week. NeNe, as well as her minions, expected Claudia to lap it up.

I mean, in case you didn’t catch the first twenty times it was mentioned, it’s not every day that NeNe apologizes. <eye roll> Claudia was not as impressed as NeNe’s ego expected her to be and more words were exchanged.

NeNe took to her blog to make sure we understand that NeNe only apologized for choosing that time and that place to call Claudia a whore. Otherwise, NeNe said what she said, and she meant it. 


NeNe explained, “Apologies are needed and there are times when we act out and make mistakes, and you just have to say, ‘I’m sorry!’ Saying you’re sorry doesn’t mean you’re weak, and it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person; but for me, it certainly meant I had a moment where I felt my behavior was inappropriate and I wanted to take full responsibility for that. With that said, I never said I lied about anything, I just felt some things didn’t have to be said in that setting.”

I don’t apologize honestly if I don’t feel it’s necessary,” added NeNe. “Many times people say they’re sorry just to get out of things, but that’s not me. If I said it, I meant it, and I will leave it like that. Honestly if I apologize, it means something and it’s coming from a sincere place.”

“Many times with this group I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t, as you saw when I tried apologizing. These girls don’t want to let it go. They want to keep it going with me for as long as possible. I wonder why? My name is thrown around by these girls so much that I’m in total amazement. Seriously, I cannot believe it!”

NeNe complained about her name in everyone’s mouth, then she proceeded to throw “anonymous” shade at her co-stars. NeNe seems to think if she never mentions their names, she’s above them. 

“Even though my apology was not fully accepted, I’m glad I was able to at least offer it, because having peace within myself was good enough for me,” insisted NeNe. “Let me go back to wiggling my toes, because people are always trying to figure me out, and I just let them!”

“P.S. Peep that one Housewife that never has anything positive to say about me every week on the low, yet I never speak their name. Stay fabulous and don’t wear tight shoes – you might end up with boomerang feet! Wiggle wiggle tiggle tiggle!”


Photo Credit: Bravo