NeNe Leakes Son Bryson Is Arrested Again; NeNe Leakes Reacts To Confrontations With Claudia Jordan

nene leakes son bryson bryant arrested again for probation violations and ordered to 6 weeks of rehab

NeNe Leakes is having a rough week! Hot on the heels of performing on Broadway, news leaked that her son Bryson was arrested again and she also faced a very heated confrontation from Claudia Jordan

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star’s son Bryson Bryant has had trouble with the law before – he was arrested for shoplifting razors from Walmart, among other things – but after making NeNe A Glam’ma, he seemed to have turned his life around. Or not! 

According to a police report Bryson was recently back in jail on a probation violation – and he was just ordered to rehab! The original arrest stems from a 2013 DUI when Bryson totaled his Dodge Charger by crashing it into two utility poles at 4:13 am. Despite telling officers the “darkness” made it difficult for him to see, leading to the accident, police administered a DUI test because of the “odor of alcoholic beverages” and Bryson had a BAC of .048! He was sentenced to 1 year probation and 30 days house arrest. 


Things went from bad to worse – last year Bryson missed 4 (FOUR!) meetings with his probation officer, refused to pay his court fines of $1,200, and failed to attend DUI classes. He then tested dirty for cocaine on a court-ordered drug test, which landed him back in the slammer for three months. He was released in November 25, 2014.

Unfortunately on January 13th Bryson was ordered to check into a mandatory “intensive” rehab for six weeks, reports Radar Online, which has court documents to back it up.

NeNe has not commented on Bryson’s latest legal issues, or his apparent drug problem! Although I’m glad she’s not bailing him out from all his issues, I hope they are all helping him to get his life together. Or maybe NeNe’s next appearance on WWHL can double as an episode of Intervention

nene leakes sons bryson and brentt in nyc

“My boys out wit me last nite! They so excited to take a picture for me right LOL #familyfirst #nyc #nye #2015,” NeNe instagrammed. After getting released from jail, Bryson headed to NYC with the family to see NeNe on Broadway and to celebrate NYE. 

Moving on, NeNe is explaining her side of the story in her argument with Claudia. “’The Thirst Is Real’ and it’s sad to me that some folks are so attention starved that they waste their time and efforts conspiring on how to bring me down and constantly making me the topic of their conversations and social media posts,” NeNe lambastes in her blog.

“Focusing on the career they claim to have and creating their own achievements should be a much better place of their focus.” Interesting conceding NeNe has been blowing up HER twitter with complaints about Claudia… 

“My past does not define me and it hasn’t in over 20 years! People can use it to try and insult me but it’s the past that has shaped who I have become today and I am happy being that person,” NeNe continues. “It has also made success that much sweeter knowing how hard I have worked and the numerous obstacles I have overcome and continue to overcome. So I have very little patience or time to entertain those that have been pumped and dumped over and over again!” 

NeNe also denies being any sort of ringleader. “You never even get to see the behind the scenes puppet masters either yet they like to shift the blame this way! Luckily I am in a place in my life right now that is awesome and I don’t plan on ever going backwards for anyone.”

“I know who I am, I know my purpose in life, yet I know people wanna see you stoop to their level, they wanna see you fail,” NeNe seethes. “They want you to help make them relevant but this beast won’t EVER be entertaining you.” 


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