Brandi Glanville Slams Her Co-Stars For Being Two-Faced; Says Lisa Rinna Is A Snake Making Reckless Accusations

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville must need a spreadsheet by now to keep track of all the fights she has going on with not only her own co-stars, but with the Housewives of other franchises, too.  This week in her Bravo blog she gives her side to the poker night fiasco and calls her co-stars two faced. 

She starts off apologizing – sort of – for being so rude to Eileen Davidson about her home’s decor.  “I really do think I should apologize to Eileen and Vince for disrespecting your home. I should have taken a page from the rest of the women and said one thing to their faces and a completely different thing behind their backs. Apparently that is what “classy” women do.” 

Brandi then moves on to defend her actions at poker night and to discuss just how close she really is to Kim Richards.  “What you need to know is that Kim is a very dear friend who I talk to daily and spend time with. I take pride in being a loyal friend to Kim and many others. I have a large group of friends who have been in my life for over 20 years. We are there for each other. Period. Kim was having a rough time, and I just wanted to protect her and get her out of this situation as soon as I could see something was wrong.” 

She claims that Kyle Richards wanted this to play out for the cameras.  “Kim is a STRONG lady. That week Monty had just gone missing, no call, no show for a few days and then returned. Kim has also been in physical pain and was still in pain without relief after her doctor visits. It was long drive out to Malibu and Monty had just returned, gave her one of his pain pills, and it was obviously too strong a medication for her. The party was too much for Kim, and she needed and wanted to leave despite Kyle wanting this to play out in front of the other women.”

Brandi then gets a bit hypocritical, saying that Kyle outed very sensitive information about Kim on national TV.  Um, much like what Brandi did with Adrienne Maloof?  “Kyle keeps saying that I do not know the history between them, but it’s now been five long years of history I’ve spent watching this sisterhood. More often than not, they’re not getting along. In Season 1 Kyle mortifies her sister by outing her dependency on national TV (I was watching). In Paris, Kyle is the first one to doubt her sister’s sobriety…once again for an audience. Her inability to keep this private matter, well, private is concerning. Kim was not herself. I was slightly intoxicated, but my goal was to get her out of a bad situation as quickly as I could. If something was actually wrong it didn’t need to play out in front of everyone, but Kyle, as I wrote earlier, didn’t share that same opinion.” 

She says that Kyle was all about the drama and didn’t consider what Kim really needed, “To ME, it was about what Kim needed that night and no one else. My priority was Kim’s comfort, both physical and emotional. My girl needed support, not judgment, not interrogations, not a sister making drama, and not a public shaming. Kim can be seen whispering to Kyle, “Don’t,” “Stay away from me,” and “You were out of line in there,” but Kyle kept coming at her. As you saw, it was all about Kyle. I cannot believe she grabbed me so hard she knocked the food out of of my hand, then after I twisted away from her grasp, she grabbed my arm AGAIN and my skin was scratched open. She can try to change the facts to suit her victim narrative, but it’s all on tape (try watching it without the sound). I just wanted what Kim wanted–to get out of there to see Kim safely home, which I did. Sorry Eileen and Vince. Unfortunately, it’s The Real Housewives, not the Brady Bunch.”

Brandi again shares that she is upset over someone making reckless statements on the show when Lisa Rinna says that she might need rehab.   She blogs, “The statements Lisa Rinna made about me needing rehab were reckless. Given her own first-hand experience, she should know that addiction and alcoholism aren’t terms that should be lightly tossed around for entertainment. Lisa R. is charming and delightful to my face but a snake behind my back. I barely know this woman, but if she truly thinks that I have a problem, the proper thing would have been to come to me before talking to Kyle about it behind my back. I really don’t want to believe that she is this careless, because everyone on the show has kids that can be affected by comments like these. These are very serious accusations and throwing them around for public fodder is simply irresponsible, and she should be disappointed in herself. This show centers around social activities, and I’m a social drinker–that is it. This group of women can be intimidating and stressful and when we are socializing together there is ALWAYS alcohol around, so I partake.” 

On getting snippy at Yolanda Foster: “You do see me a bit snappish at the jewelry party with Yolanda, but it was frustrating being lectured on events that she wasn’t present for, and it’s not representative of our relationship. I do love Yolanda, yes, even if sometimes she “mothers” me. I know it’s because she cares, and it comes from a good place, and that’s what’s important.”  Interesting since she had such an issue with Lisa Vanderpump mothering her! 

Brandi does share that she has nothing but positive hopes for future friendships on the show.  “I’m in a great place, a happy place, at peace, enjoying my life and successes, learning, succeeding at being self-sufficient, awaiting new challenges, new opportunities, and the next chapter of my life, trying to stay as optimistic as possible. I truly hope that we can all move forward one day as friends, real friends, and support each other as we grow and meet life’s challenges.”  Well, Lisa R. and Brandi obviously make amends by the end of the season since Lisa was a guest on Brandi’s podcast shortly after filming wrapped.

My problem with Brandi is that the things she’s griping about and accusing everyone else of..she’s done as well!  Bitching about being bashed on WWHL?  How does she think the others feel after she did it to them?  Bitching about sensitive information being spilled on the show?  How does she think Adrienne felt?  Bitching about someone’s accusations harming her kids or her reputation?  How does she think Joanna Krupa feels?


Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo