Behind-The-Scenes Drama On Basketball Wives LA! Plus, Who’s Hired; Who’s Fired?! And Shaunie O’Neal Signs On?


Basketball Wives LA is finally returning for season 4 after a long hiatus, but the Miami version of the show has been canceled leaving us only with LA, which is currently filming and fraught with plenty of drama –  all of it reportedly centered around Draya Michele! Oh, and Shaunie, O’Neal is back. 

The show has cycled through a lot of cast members since it first aired – and after adding Sundy Carter and Brittish Williams last season, producers fired them this season! Last season ended on a dreadful note when Draya flat-out refused to film the reunion with those two ladies. A source tells us the drama is even more insane behind the scenes

“Being that Draya is fan favorite of the show, once you are her enemy you end up fired which is the case for Sundy and Brittish who also tried to feud with Malaysia [Pargo],” our source alleges. “The only ladies who are returning are Draya, Malaysia, Brandi [Maxiell], and Jackie and Jackie’s wacky outfits.”


Interestingly, the wildcard is that Shaunie, desperate to make another go at a reality career, joined the cast, now that the Miami franchise is done! 

In exchange for firing 2 girls, producers have brought on three newbies to fight it out for full-time cast positions. “This season is said to be about showcasing the women’s businesses but what you can really expect is this season to similar to the current season of Real Housewives of Atlanta where all the women are fighting to secure a spot on the show,” our source alleges. 


The reported drama that caused Brittish to lose her place on the show was when the feud between her and Draya escalated into their businesses. Draya owns Mint Swim and Brittish owns Love of Labels

Brittish lost her job because of a huge event that took place behind the scenes,” our source claims. “Basically when Brittish and Draya were feuding Brittish thought that the best revenge would be to purchase the trademark of Mint Swim which is Draya’s swimwear line. Brittish has since apologized and returned the trademark back over to Draya but it was too little too late since the incident didn’t sit well with Draya or the producers.” 

Interestingly, with the story breaking in the blogs, Brittish completely owned it and verified it was true on twitter! “Let me clear this up before it even gets taken too far. Yes it’s true to did purchase the name back in May of last year, I was upset at the time because of the feud Draya and I had going on and and I wanted to let her know that you have get your business all the way in order before you come for mine.”

“I never planned on keeping it nor did I do it maliciously it was done to simply teach a lesson since this occurred I have apologized and I have signed over the rights to the company back to her. The moral of the story is that you have to have your stuff air tight before you try to down someone else’s,” Brittish explained in a series of tweets about the incident. 


As for Sundy, after her outrageous comments about infertility and cancer, she just really alienated fans. “Sundy was fired from the show simply because she wasn’t well received by the fans last season and the fact that Draya, Brandi, and Malaysia wanted nothing to do with her after the comments she made about both Draya and Brandi,” reports our source. 

Draya confirmed that Sundy and Brittish will not be returning on twitter, “They killed off their own careers…Executive Producer Shaunie Oneal is appalled… Lol #cleanslate#freshstart#newplayers#switchitup#byegirls.” 


Now onto who IS joining the cast other than the unquenchable Shaunie!

Patrice Curry, wife of former NBA player Eddy Curry, Meghan James from season 9 of Bad Girls Club, who used to date Quincy Miller, and Draya’s friend, fashion designer Angel Brinks

Meghan James joins BBWLA

Meghan James, a fashion designer, joins BBWLA

Our source gives the details on who the new ladies are! “Mehgan enters as Jackie [Christie]‘s new friend. Mehgan is also the ex-girlfriend of NBA player, Quincy Miller.” Meghan confirmed on twitter she is joining the cast and appears to be a fashion designer of some sort – maybe underwear?

“Mehgan and Jackie filming for basketball wives LA!! (Yess mehgan will be on basketball wives la this season)” Jackie shared on instagram. 

Patrice Curry films BBWLA with Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo

Patrice filming with Brandi and Malaysia 

“There hasn’t been much said about Patrice other than she is very much into God which she may need for this show,” our source describes. Patrice and Eddy have 4 children. Eddy also has a son from his first marriage, and a son from his ex-girlfriend. In 2009 Eddy’s ex-girlfriend Nova and his 9-month-old daughter Ava were found murdered in their Chicago home, Nova’s attorney was charged and convicted of the devastating crime. Eddy and Patrice have full-custody of Eddy and Nova’s remaining son, Noah, who was 3 at the time. 

Patrice Curry, wife of Eddy Curry, joins BBWLA


Patrice Curry 5 children with Eddy Curry

Patrice and Eddy’s 4 children, plus his son Noah. 

Patrice seems an odd fit for the show, given that she seems extremely family-centered and religious according to her social media. She is very involved in the lives of her children, and seems to enjoy home-life immensely. It might be a refreshing change for the show, but I wonder how she will relate with the other girls. 

Angel Brinks joins BBWLA Season 4

“The third lady who’s been filming is fashion designer, Angel Brinks. Angel is a industry friend of Draya and has a daughter with NBA player, Tyreke Evans,” continues our source.

Draya Michele films her 30th birthday party for BBWLA

Draya’s 30th birthday tea party, reportedly filmed for BBWLA

This season has already filmed Draya’s 30th birthday teaparty. Draya’s storyline will also reportedly be taking her relationship with boyfriend Orlando Scandrick to the next level with a proposal. Although in a recent interview with Fox 1 Sports, Orlando said that is not happening anytime soon. “We have a great relationship…we’re really compatible…I enjoy spending time with her. And I really appreciate her,” the NFL player told the network. ““I think that in due time all that stuff is going to take care of itself.”

Draya Michele and Orlando on vacation

Draya and Orlando vacationing in Jamaica last month – no ring yet! 

It’s apparent from instagram that Malaysia and Brandi are buddying up, meanwhile it’s unclear abut the other girls. Angel Brinks joins BBWLA

“Had a great time at @sodraya tea party today with all the girls! #DrayasTeaParty (with my sis @ahneebaby),” wrote Angel

By the way, Brittish confirmed she was fired, but hinted she’ll be returning to reality TV… the rumor is she’ll be joining the cast of Love & Hip Hop LA


[Photo Credits: VH1 & Instagram]