Eileen Davidson Says Brandi Glanville Is More “Mafia Enforcer” And Less “Friend”

Eileen Davidson

If there were an MVP award for each of the Real Housewives seasons, Eileen Davidson would get my vote for Most Valuable Player of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Eileen’s snarky comments cannot be matched.

Eileen wins the episode: Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville scream at each other and she quips, “I do not know how to make that better. What do you do? Get a hose and hose them down?”

Eileen wins the internet: “I have to first address one thing: the words ‘reckless’ and ‘you should be disappointed in yourself’ should never, EVER pass the lips of Brandi Glanville. Unless she’s referring to herself. THAT IS ALL.”


Eileen loved Kyle‘s mixer. In theory.

Kyle‘s mixer was such a great idea. I have single friends who are gay (can’t say ‘my gays’ when I don’t refer to my heterosexual friends as ‘my heteros’ LOL!). God knows we needed a little levity after my poker party debacle. Kyle was a gracious and lovely hostess, who was clearly excited to be getting all of our gays (oh, whatever) together and, who knows, make a love connection.”

In reality, Brandi and Kim Richards happened.  

“That happiness flew out the window when Kim walked in with Brandi, who, by the way, is acting less and less like a friend and more and more like a mafia enforcer. Um, I guess Kim’s heart was in the right place? She said she wanted Brandi and Kyle to make up, but really people, at a party? With no heads up to the hostess? Was she trying to put out a fire or throw gasoline on it?”

 Eileen called out Brandi‘s “ick” factor.

“I’m happy that Kim was in the hospital for a bit. Hopefully she is healthy and back on track. Still, she appears to be getting her days mixed up and continues to side with a woman who habitually insults and provokes her sister. How about that lovely comment about Mauricio? Talk about reckless. What about THEIR kids, Brandi? Yuck, ick, creeping me out.”

Mirroring my own thoughts, Eileen shared in her blog that she feels Kyle has every right to feel angry and betrayed. In my opinion, Brandi is toxic and Kim is weak, and Brandi manipulated the hell out of Kim. I feel for Kyle.

“The really sad thing here is that before my party it seemed these two sisters were communicating in a loving way with each other. You could tell how much they care about each other and the bond and the history they share. Kyle was so happy to have mended things with Kim. She was clearly frustrated and angry at the mixer, as she witnessed all that progress going out the window. I don’t blame her one bit for feeling angry, hurt, and betrayed.”


Photo Credit: Bravo