Kim Richards Continues To Make Excuses; Wants To Celebrate Her Sobriety!

Kim Richards

I think Kim “Rambles” Richards is drunk… drunk on her own delusion that is!

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star is just like whatev about her bizarre behavior during Eileen Davidson‘s poker night. The one where she, Brandi Glanville, and Kyle Richards resorted to scrapping in the driveway while a horrified Vince looked on, sipping a Corona, like who needs cable – cancel that Dish subscription! I hope he took bets on who would whine and cry the loudest over being scratched by a janky bangle bracelet. 

Sipping on the ole’ juice of denial, Rambles chastises us for mistaking her sadness for weakness and explains just how she found herself slipping pain pills and slipping out of control! The gist of the blog is that nothing, nada, not one thing is Kim’s fault


“This drama may have been about me at first, but it definitely ended up being about those two and whatever residual animosity they had towards one another from the past,” asserts Kim

“I remember just wanting to leave so badly that I just kept on walking and didn’t even see the physical altercation between Brandi and Kyle,” Kim lies recalls. “I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I mean one is my sister and one is my friend.”

“I wanted to make it right, so I tried to speak to Kyle, but there was so much chaos between her and Brandi. Then the other girls joined in and at that point, I was frustrated and honestly wasn’t feeling well,” Kim adds. “I just wanted everyone to let me go home!” News Flash: YOU’RE APPROACHING 50 – get in one of the waiting limos Bravo paid for and leave! 

Kim explains that she was just feeling so very ill, so very, very ill and that is where the problems started. I ask you this, WHY WOULD YOU ATTEND A PARTY IN THAT STATE?! And after poker night things took a turn for the worse, which is how she landed in the hospital. 

“On the following day, my pain got even worse, so I spent the whole day getting tests done at the doctor’s. Next evening, I was admitted to the hospital,” describes Kim. “In my last blog post, I mentioned that I had been struggling with bronchitis and pneumonia for weeks. Well, the doctor said I had a fractured rib, ruptured disc, and hiatal hernia, which was caused by the increased pressure from coughing. No wonder I was in so much pain before poker night!”

kim richards hospital


“I was in rehab the hospital for nine days. But I’m happy to announce that I’m currently healthy and well!” And starring on Revenge as a coke head. While Kim’s health has improved, other issues have not – like fractures in her relationship with Kyle?

“Even though my family and I are going through some tough times right now, I feel stronger than ever because I need to and want to be there for Monty, my daughters, and son,” reminds Kim. “Although it seems like I have a lot going on, that’s exactly what I love about my life!”

“Planning my daughter’s wedding is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever done. I can’t believe my babies are all grown up, and I could not be more proud,” gushes Rambles. “Taking care of Monty has been bittersweet–it’s so painful to see my best friend slipping away, but at the same time, our relationship is stronger than ever. We’re treasuring every moment we have together.”

And Kim declares, “Don’t mistake my sadness for weakness. If I were not strong in my sobriety today, I could never do the things I’m doing.”

However, proving she really is delusion and missing possession of a few marbles, Kim concludes by telling us her favorite part of the episode was Yolanda Foster


[Photo Credits: Charles Sykes/Bravo & instagram]